Hardik Pandya isolated from the team as soon as he reached Mumbai! Why are fans worried?

Hardik Pandya Alone: Mumbai Indians have to play the next match of IPL 2024 against Rajasthan on 1st April. The picture of Hardik Pandya that has surfaced before this match is a scary picture for Mumbai fans. Hardik seems quite isolated from his team in Mumbai.

Hardik Pandya Alone: Mumbai Indians captain Hardik Pandya remains in the headlines for many reasons. The player is being trolled from all sides on social media. Ever since Hardik was included in Mumbai, Rohit Sharma and the fans of Gujarat were after Hardik.

Now that the tournament has started, Hardik’s problems have increased further after the defeat in the first two matches. Fans are once again demanding to make Rohit the captain. In this episode, before the next match against Rajasthan, a picture of Hardik Pandya has surfaced, which is telling a lot.

Rohit Sharma’s team has reached Mumbai before the match against MI Rajasthan to be played on 1st April. But the picture of Hardik Pandya that has come out from Mumbai, he looks quite isolated from other players. This picture of Hardik has increased the concern in the minds of his fans.

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