Top cheapest Car Insurance Companies in USA 2024

Top cheapest Car Insurance Companies:

You should have auto insurance, but ideally you won’t need it. However, you’ll be happy you picked a reputable company with the appropriate coverage if your car is damaged or if you damage the car of a third party. It can also cover funeral costs, legal fees, medical bills, and more, depending on your coverage.

Because of this, choosing the best auto insurance provider is more important than just finding the lowest rate; it’s also about having the assurance that you will always have the best organization behind you in times of need.

We’ve examined more than thirty auto insurance companies, evaluating how well they handle claims, provide excellent customer service, and foster customer loyalty to make sure you get all the information you need to make the right choice.

Best Auto cheapest Car Insurance Providers


According to our ranking of the Best Auto Insurance Companies, USAA is the top insurer. In many of the subcategories we examined, such as Customer Service, Most Likely to be Recommended, and Most Likely to Be Renewed, our results ranked the company as the top performer. USAA tied American Family in the Customer Loyalty subcategory and came in second to American Family in the Claims Handling scores.

With low average rates across several categories, the company also came in first place in our ranking of Cheap Auto Insurance Companies.

Since only members of the military community can purchase USAA auto insurance, most customers will want to find out what other insurers have to offer.

American Family

With a score of 4.3 out of 5, American Family secured the second position in our comprehensive ranking of the best auto insurers and is ranked highly in the majority of the subcategories that we examined. The business leads the field in both Customer Loyalty and Claims Handling, with a tie for first place. American Family came in second or third in every other subcategory. The company ranks No. 5 overall in our ranking of Cheap Auto Insurance Companies, placing it squarely in the middle of insurers in terms of cost.
The show that saw the largest increase in ratings from the previous year was American Family, which rose eight spots to the top spot overall.

State Farm

With a rating of 4.2, State Farm came in third place. The business fared well in every category we looked at for our ranking, coming in at number two among the best auto insurance providers for seniors. State Farm is in a four-way tie for third place in the Claims Handling subcategory, and it shares a tie with American Family at No. 2 for Customer Service. Car Insurance

State Farm offers the third-cheapest rates we looked at overall, and the company did well in a number of rate-specific categories, such as how much teen drivers’ and seniors’ insurance costs.
In general, it’s the most affordable company for drivers with a speeding ticket or accident history, and the least expensive following a DUI.


With a score of 4.1, Geico and Nationwide share the fourth-place ranking of the Best Auto Insurance Companies. That is one position lower than the company’s position at No. 3 in a three-way tie the previous year. In every subcategory that we rated, including the top-5 rankings for Customer Service, Claims Handling, and Customer Loyalty, Geico placed in the upper half of the competitors. Service. Car Insurance

On the list, it is also among the least expensive providers of auto insurance. In our ranking of Cheap Car Insurance Companies, Geico came in second place overall, only to be surpassed by USAA. Geico offers reasonable rates in several categories, including low premiums for drivers seeking minimum coverage and for teen drivers. Service. Car Insurance

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