IPL 2024: How does one feel after winning the trophy!’ Kohli gave a big statement before IPL

IPL 2024: Veteran Indian batsman Virat Kohli has returned to India from London. Today he was also seen practicing on the field. During this, RCB men’s team along with Virat Kohli gave guard of honor to RCB women’s team captain Smriti Mandhana. Apart from this, the unboxing event of RCB also took place during this period. Amidst this event, Virat Kohli has given a big statement about his team. The claim he has made regarding IPL 2024 has created a wave of happiness among the fans.

‘How do you feel after winning the trophy’- Virat

Virat Kohli said during this event that I hope that this time we will be successful in doubling the trophy of RCB. Let us tell you that RCB women’s team has won the WPL 2024 trophy. In such a situation, if Kohli also succeeds in getting his team the IPL 2024 trophy, then it will be the second trophy for RCB. He said that I will try my best to bring the title to RCB. I dream to know how it feels after winning the IPL trophy. It is clear from this that Kohli has already announced before the IPL that this time the trophy is going to be in his name.

‘RCB’s fan following is amazing

Virat Kohli further said that RCB fans are amazing. When RCB team wins, it seems that not one team has won, but a city has won. This is quite special for me. It takes a long time to make it. It is clear from Kohli’s statement that he must be feeling the enthusiasm of the fans after the victory which was seen in Bangalore and different parts of the country after RCB’s victory in WPL 2024.

There was a jam on the roads of Bangalore after RCB’s victory in WPL. RCB fans took to the streets in many parts of the country. For this reason Kohli said that I want to know how it feels after victory.

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