Who will win Sunday’s Grammys battle between Beyoncé and Adele, and who should?

Will the 65th Annual Grammy Awards feature a rematch of Adele vs. Beyoncé?

Will Harry Styles come in and steal some attention for “Harry’s House”?

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Will a string of divided votes help Kendrick Lamar?

Most importantly, will ABBA win its first Grammy award, 40 years after its disco-defining peak?

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Given the competition in the prized album of the year category, the last one is a confident no. (Also, why did the Grammys wait until now to nominate them? We believe “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo” should have won every Grammy in the 1970s.)

How do I watch the Grammys?

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But, as ludicrous as a scattering of the nominations for the presentation is – DJ Khaled hardly belongs on the radio, let alone in a renowned lineup for a trophy – there is a refreshing scope of variety, with Bad Bunny, Lizzo, and Steve Lacy all in the running.

The Grammys, presented for the third time by Trevor Noah, will air live on CBS and Paramount+ on Sunday (8 p.m. ET/5 PT) from the Crypto.com Arena, previously the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” should win.

While Bad Bunny would make history as the first all-Spanish language album nominated in the top category, this one is a three-way tug-of-war between Beyoncé, Adele, and Styles.

“Harry’s House” wowed with its experimental musical zigzags and passionate lyrics, while Adele’s “30,” released too late in 2021 to compete in last year’s Oscars, bled from her emotional wounds. However, Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” is deservedly regarded as the pinnacle of a career already littered with talent. It’s a musical mash-up of hip-hop, soul, and dancehall (with a reference to Donna Summer thrown in for good measure) that openly glorifies hedonism, s*x, and self-worth.

Grammy voters will also see this as an opportunity to atone for awarding Adele’s “25” over Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” five years ago. Not to say Adele wasn’t deserving, but the British singer-songwriter herself declared “Lemonade” the album of the year.

Who will win the record of the year award?

“Don’t Turn Me Off,” ABBA.

“It’s Easy on Me,” Adele.

Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” video.

  • “Good Morning, Beautiful,” Mary J. Blige.
  • “You and Me on the Rock,” by Brandi Carlile, with Lucius.
  • “Woman,” Doja Cat says.
  • “Bad Habit,” by Steve Lacy.
  • “The Heart Part 5,” by Kendrick Lamar.
  • “It’s About Damn Time,” Lizzo says.
  • “It Was As It Was,” Harry Styles.
  • “As It Was” by Harry Styles will be the winner.

Harry Styles, “As It Was,” should win.

From the quirky pop and funky horns of “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” to the romantic soulful swagger of “Late Night Talking,” so much of his “Harry’s House” CD is award-worthy.

But “As It Was” is a career-defining tune, a whoosh of synths cushioning Styles’ pensiveness before a magnificent key change and a sprinkle of tubular bells boost the mood from introspective to blissful.

Who will win Song of the Year (the award goes to the songwriter)?

  • “abode” (Sara Davis, Gayle, and Dave Pittenger, performed by Gayle) (Sara Davis, Gayle, and Dave Pittenger, performed by Gayle).
  • “About Damn Time” (performed by Melissa “Lizzo” Jefferson, Eric Frederic, Blake Slatkin, and Theron Makiel Thomas).
  • “All Too Well (Extended Version)” (Liz Rose and Taylor Swift, performed by Swift).
  • “How It Was” (Tyler Johnson, Kid Harpoon, and Harry Styles, performed by Styles).
  • “Bad Habit” (performed by Lacy) (Matthew Castellanos, Brittany Fousheé, Diana Gordon, John Carroll Kirby, and Steve Lacy).
  • Beyoncé performs “Break My Soul” (Beyoncé, S. Carter, Terius “The-Dream” Gesteelde-Diamant, and Christopher A. Stewart).
  • “It’s easy on me” (Adele Adkins and Greg Kurstin, performed by Adele).
  • “God Did It” (Tarik Azzouz, E. Blackmon, Khaled Khaled, F. Featuring Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, John Legend, and Friday, DJ Khaled’s “We the Best” also features LeBlanc, Shawn Carter, John Stephens, Dwayne Carter, William Roberts, and Nicholas Warwar.
  • “The Fifth Part of the Heart” (Jake Kosich, Johnny Kosich, Kendrick Lamar, and Matt Schaeffer, performed by Lamar).
  • “Exactly like that” (Bonnie Raitt, performed by Raitt).
  • Adele’s “Easy on Me” will be the winner.

Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well (10-Minute Version)” should win.

Swift, one of the most talented songwriters of her time, has never won a Grammy for song of the year, which is a travesty. Despite the fact that this “All Too Well” is actually an extended version of the five-minute track from her 2012 “Red” album (rerecorded and rereleased in 2021), the additions simply add to its lyrical perfection.

However, Adele’s “Easy on Me,” as frustrating as it is as she avoids self-blame and asks for sympathy, has a lovely piano introduction and an unquestionably gorgeous tune. The song’s simplicity makes it a winner.

Who will be named the best new artist?


  • Apollo, Omar.
  • JD Beck and DOMi.
  • Long, Muni.
  • Joy, Samara.
  • Latto.
  • Måneskin.
  • Tobe Nwigwe.
  • Molly Tuttle.
  • Wet Leg.
  • Mneskin will be victorious.

Mneskin should win.

Mneskin – (clockwise) Damiano David, Thomas Raggi, Victoria De Angelis, and Ethan Torchio – shine in the crowded field for the best new artist.
Unlike previous years, when at least one nominee is an obvious breakout (hello, Olivia Rodrigo), this year’s mega-list of hopefuls is stylistically diverse, with hip-hop (Latto), jazz (Samara Joy), indie Britpop (Wet Leg), and bluegrass (Molly Tuttle) all represented.

Only Italy’s Mneskin, however, blasted through 2022 with unquantifiable vim, swagger, and, yes, talent. They revitalized rock in the mainstream with the summer guitar cruncher “Supermodel,” headlined Rome’s Circus Maximus for 70,000 spectators, and converted even more listeners with blazing concerts at Coachella and several Lollapaloozas. In the latter half of the year, the band proceeded on a sold-out tour of huge clubs and theatres, unleashing their happy rock riffs on any hesitant converts.


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