What can be war between China and America for Taiwan, even missiles will not work

What can be war between: China says it has made new technology to compete with Starlink, which is made by the U.S. He can even destroy drones, planes, and satellites with this tool.

China is making new weapons that can kill American weapons so it can take over Taiwan. In this episode, China has made a way to bring down the Starlink satellite, which is owned by the United States. China says it has made a small power source that can be used to destroy Starlink satellites. Tell us in this report what China’s new technology is and how Starlink is a threat to China.

What can be war between

What can be war between China and America for Taiwan, even missiles will not work

China recently said that the devices made to fight Starlink can make 10 gigawatts of power with 10 pulse frequencies. Chinese sources say that this device’s high-powered energy comes out in the form of a microwave beam that can destroy even drones, airplanes, and satellites. Missiles are usually fired from drones. The device is so small that you could even put it on a table.

This is what Chinese experts worry about

People say that this tool will be very helpful to the Chinese Army during the war. For example, this gadget can be used in a special way to get through an attack from the air. A Chinese scientist says that this small gadget can also kill you if it is used to make a lot of electricity.

Chinese experts say that similar tests in small devices have not worked in the past. The amount of power coming out of this gadget should stay the same and be normal. If not, the device could break and the switch and insulation could catch fire.

What can be war between China and America for Taiwan, even missiles will not work

The United States has used SpaceX’s Starlink satellite in Ukraine in a big way. After this, experts worried that China could try to fight it with new technologies. However, it can be very hard to destroy the Starlink network. China can be put under a lot of pressure to destroy it financially and technologically. But microwave guns are an example of a cheap weapon that can hurt satellite technology. Can mess up their electricity.

This is a type of weapon called a “anti-satellite weapon,” and China can use it to kill the Starlink satellite in a very precise way. Another thing that makes China’s device unique is that most similar devices put out microwaves in kilowatts or megawatts, but China’s device puts out microwaves in gigawatts.

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