Violence occurred France on pension bill, 35 million people took to streets, and King Charles had to cancel their tour

France on pension bill:There were more than 200 protests against the Pension Reform Bill in France on Thursday. They took place in different places. About 35 million people went out into the streets to protest the choice made by the Macron government. About 8 million people marched in Paris, the city. Several protesters and police officers got into fights late at night. People who were mad set fire to the main gate of the city hall. People who were acting for the union held flags, posters, and banners. This had things like pension bills and slogans against Macron written on it.Follow for more

King Charles has stopped his trip to France because of these protests. In fact, Charles was supposed to go to France from March 26 to March 29. Which has been put off for now. After his trip to France, King Charles also went to Germany.

441 police officers were hurt when they ran into protesters

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During protests against moving the retirement age from 62 to 64, schools and colleges stayed closed in most towns. In some towns, people who were performing also broke bus stops, posters, store windows, and newspaper stands. The cops used tear gas to stop them at this time. French Home Minister Gerald Daramanin said that the fight hurt about 441 police officers. Out of the protesters, about 457 were put in jail.

I said that people couldn’t tell people why the bill was important

In an interview on March 22, President Emmanuel Macron had said, “I have no regrets about this bill.” For the good of the country, we have to be here. Elizabeth Born will not leave her job as prime minister. I’m only sad that I couldn’t explain to the French why they needed this bill. After Corona, inflation has gone up in the country. This is why this bill is important.

Violence occurred France on the pension bill. 35 million people took to the streets, and King Charles had to cancel their tour
Violence occurred France on the pension bill. 35 million people took to the streets, and King Charles had to cancel their tour

The government won the vote of no confidence by nine votes

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Two motions of no confidence were brought against the government in Parliament earlier on March 20. The Macron government got both of these ideas passed. One of these, though, was won by the government by only 9 votes. On the other hand, when the bill passed in Parliament, it looked like it was a law. Under the bill, France raised the age at which people could retire from 64 to 66.

Without voting, the bill was passed

On March 16, Prime Minister Elizabeth Born got the bill passed in the National Assembly of France without a vote. She did this by using constitutional power. The PM used Article 49.3, which says that if there is no majority, the government can pass the bill without a vote. After this, the leader of the opposition, Marine Le Penn, asked for a vote of no confidence in Emmanuel Macron’s government.

Now, people must work for 43 years

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According to a story on “France 24,” the decision was made to raise the age at which people can retire under the new pension plan. Under this plan, the minimum number of years of work needed to get a full pension has also been lengthened. Prime Minister Elizabeth Born said that people will have to work for a total of 43 years to get a full pension from the new pension plan starting in 2027. Up until now, the required number of years of service was 42.

The government says that it is a key way to protect the share-out pension system in France. The government says that the number of people who are working and those who are retired is going down quickly. Because of this, the age at which people can quit is being thought about. Most European countries have raised the age at which people can retire. In Italy and Germany, you have to be 67 years old to retire. In Spain, it is 65 years. In Britain, you can retire at age 66.

At the same time, the pension reform bill in France is very important to the French people. This is because the National Registration Council fought for a long time to get this rule passed after the Second World War. Before the pension reform bill was passed in 1995 and 2010, there were protests.

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