US Parliament is not happy with reply of Company’s CEO, Tiktok may be banned, told dangerous for children

US Parliament:On Thursday in the US, a parliamentary committee talked in depth about how useful the Chinese app Tiktok is and other related topics. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tiktok told the committee that his app does not cause mental illness and that he supports freedom of speech. But the committee didn’t agree with what he said.

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India already has a ban on Tiktok

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It’s interesting that more than 150 million people in the U.S. use the Chinese app. This app has already been banned in India. America thinks that China is using this short video app to find out about the user’s mental state. watching their every move. It’s not good for your mind. It is a way to help the Communist Party of China, which is in power. After calling the CEO of the company, Shou Ji Chew, to Parliament, straight questions were asked about these points. In reaction, the CEO tried to explain that his app will help the economy grow and that it supports freedom of speech.

US Parliament

US Parliament is not happy with reply of Company's CEO, Tiktok may be banned, told dangerous for children
US Parliament is not happy with reply of Company’s CEO, Tiktok may be banned, told dangerous for children

For a week, America has banned

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A week ago, the app was banned in America. But more and more people want this app to be banned. During the first discussion, no MP spoke up for the app. A lot of MPs said that the app was bad for the mental health of American kids. Cathy Castor, a member of the Democratic Party, told the House Committee on Energy and Commerce that this app is made in a way that makes kids want to watch it all the time.

MPs from both parties asked questions.

Several Republicans and Democrats in Congress asked questions about the security of the country. The information about the app is shared with the Chinese government, so it can’t be ruled out that they could be used in a bad way. CEO Shou said that his business spends a huge $1.5 billion to protect its data and information.

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The ongoing Project Texas employs approximately 1,500 full-time employees. Children are hurt by the screen on their phones, not by the apps they use. But the committee of MPs didn’t accept his answer because the CEO’s explanation wasn’t good enough.

The UK Parliament made it illegal.

For security reasons, the UK Parliament has decided that government officials and employees can’t have the Tiktok app on their phones. People say it’s important for internet security. This app has already been banned in India, Canada, Belgium, and all of the countries in the European Union.

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