When does “Unlocked” make its Netflix debut? And anything else about Korean thrillers?

During Valentine’s Week, a fantastic crime thriller rather than a typical romantic movie would give a special touch to the getaway, and for this romantic season, Netflix is releasing a gripping, terrifying, and edgy adaptation of a movie called “Unlocked.” Chun Woo-hee, Yim Si-wan, and Kim Hie-won star in Tae-joon Kim’s film, which is directed. Netflix is no stranger to offering suspenseful and excellent thrillers. With movies like “Choose or Die” (2022), “Bird Box” (2018), and “Spiderhead” (2022), the streaming service has occasionally introduced ground-breaking ideas. Additionally, the thriller would this time revolve around a smartphone.

The Korean movie “Unlocked” is based on the 2017 Japanese novel “Sumaho o Otoshita dake” by Akira Shiga, which translates to “I just dropped my smartphone.” Additionally, this book served as the model for the Japanese movie “Stolen Identity” (2018). This movie is a true thriller with a very genuine and relatable core, proving that not every thriller needs a terrifying monster or an impossible threat.

When will the motion picture “Unlocked” debut?

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The Netflix original film “Unlocked” is scheduled to air on Friday, February 17, 2023. The film is scheduled to last 1 hour and 57 minutes.

How do I see the suspenseful movie “Unlocked”?

The Netflix-only premiere of “Unlocked” is scheduled. Additionally, the movie is accessible via the aforementioned streaming service. The Netflix software can also be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Smart TVs, YouView, BT TV Box, Now TV, Sky Q, and web browsers are other devices that support Netflix streaming.

What happens in the film “Unlocked”?

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According to the description on Netflix, this movie is “a compelling adaptation of a best-selling mystery novel.” The protagonist of the movie is a typical workplace employee. Her life is jeopardized and her entire life course goes off the tracks when she misplaces her smartphone containing all of her personal information. The main conflict in the story is what happens next. A woman’s life is flipped upside down when a dangerous man obtains her misplaced cell phone and uses it to track her every step, according to the official logline for the movie provided by Netflix.

Who performs in the thriller “Unlocked” on Netflix?

In this film, Chun Woo-hee plays Na Mi and Yim Si-wan plays Jun Yeong in the major cast. Chun is well recognized for his roles as Sang-mi in Sunny (formerly titled “Sseo-ni”) and Han Gong-Ju in “Han Gong-ju” (2013). (2011). Si-wan is well-known for his part in “The Attorney” (formerly known as “Byeon-ho-in”) (2013). Additionally, he is a part of the South Korean boy bands ZE: A and ZE: A Five. Kim Hie-won, Park Ho-san, Kim Ye-won, and Jeon Jin-oh are also cast in nameless parts.

What is the most recent rumor about the film “Unlocked”?

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The movie’s trailer, which Netflix has recently published, received immensely good feedback. Numerous people appreciated Siwan’s performance and expressed excitement for the movie’s debut.

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