major rivers will dry

UN gave a big warning that major rivers will dry up by 2050, know its main reason

Major rivers will dry: Antonio Guterres, who is the Secretary-General of the United Nations, has said that the big rivers that flow. The water level is going down very quickly.In this case, rivers like the Indus, the Ganges, and the Brahmaputra could be gone by 2050.Because of this, 170 to 240 crore people in cities may no longer be able to get water. follow for more

UN gave a big warning that major rivers will dry up by 2050, know its main reason

UN gave a big warning that major rivers will dry:

The Himalayas, which are in Asia, are the source of ten important rivers. It gives water to all 130 million million people in India. It will have the most effect on the flow of the Ganga, the Indus, and the Brahmaputra rivers. The water level is going down. Through this, there is also another danger in the air. When glaciers melt, they can cause flooding in Pakistan and China. Ganga is thought to be one of the most important rivers.

Major river will dry major reason:

Ganga is one of the country’s most important rivers. It is 2500 kilometers long. About 40 crore people in many states depend on its water to stay alive. The Gangotri Glacier is where its water comes from. But this glacier is in trouble, too.So far, about 2.5 kilometers of the 30 km long glacier have melted in the last 87 years.In the area of the Indian Himalayas, there are 9575 glaciers. Only in Uttarakhand are 968 of these glaciers found. The plains of India are filled with rivers like the Ganga, Ghaghra, Mandakini, and Saraswati.If these glaciers don’t make it, the rivers will have less water in them.

Major rivers will dry up by 2050, know its main reason:

At the moment, 200 crore people are not getting water to drink.Audrey Azole, who is the head of UNESCO, says that a plan must be made to deal with the water crisis. This way, everyone can have water. A rough estimate says that 200 billion people in the world do not have clean water to drink. At the same time, about 360 crore of these people don’t even have a clean way to get rid of waste.

The Himalayan glaciers are to blame for this. The snow is melting quickly here because the temperature is going up. Antonio says that glaciers are the most important source of life on Earth.Right now, there are glaciers on 10% of the earth’s surface.But because of climate change, it is melting quickly.Every year, a lot of Antarctica’s ice melts quickly.Because of this, every year 1.5 quadrillion tons of ice melt.When talking about Greenland, every year 2700 million tons of ice melt.At the same time, the snow on the Himalayas is melting quickly.

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