Truth Social—is this a decent platform or not? Donald Trump is being mocked as he campaigns to end the Facebook ban.

FLORIDA’S SARASOTA: Donald Trump, a former president, is getting ready to rejoin Facebook and Twitter. Following Elon Musk’s appointment as Twitter’s CEO, he had previously reclaimed access to his official Twitter account.

Trump’s campaign has now written to Meta to request that his official Facebook account be unblocked. According to NBC, the letter stated, “We think that the suspension of President Trump’s Facebook account has significantly altered and restricted the public conversation.” As he prepares to join other social media juggernauts, the Internet is currently debating whether the site he built, Truth Social, was a disaster.

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Trump’s Facebook account received a temporary suspension that would be reviewed in two years. The evaluation period started on January 7, 2019. “Trump is likely to return to Twitter. Just a matter of when and how. Although he has been discussing it for weeks, Trump always speaks for himself, so nobody can predict what he will do or say or when “Republican, who requested anonymity, spoke to NBC.

According to one of Trump’s advisers, the president was going to look at Section 230 of the federal legislation that regulates social media businesses. The House is leverage, and keeping Trump off Facebook merely looks political, he asserted. If Facebook wants to fight this, fine.” On February 21, 2022, he introduced Truth Social, which he utilized as a substitute for Twitter and Facebook after being banned.

TruthSocial is a failure,

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The news that Trump had returned to Twitter and Facebook was met with a swift online response. Trump reportedly announced that he would return to Twitter to confirm that Truth Social had failed. A remark said, “Should’ve made another ID instead of another platform.” One more person wrote, “Is it just me, or does Trump’s request to rejoin Facebook just indicate that TruthSocial has failed? #TruthSocial #Trump” One person argued, “So what you are saying is #TruthSocial is a piece of crap social media site which is why Trump has to come back to Twitter?” in response.

Look at the value of TruthSocial in comparison to the value of your tweets, and then decide who the failure is, a user said. “Fortunately, he will lose another commercial transaction. Truth Social, goodbye “one user tweeted. One more clarified, “Wrong. Twitter reaches the entire world, whereas TruthSocial just reaches the US. Trump’s opinions would be interesting to the rest of the world as well.

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Keep in mind that the world is not the US.” A user inquired, “You talk for me like the devil since I’m an American. He has a platform of his own; allow him to post his abhorrent blather there. Why does he even need to be on Twitter when Truth Social is so fantastic?.”

“Trump has failed. He was denied the presidency. He is now going back to Twitter to disseminate his lies and wickedness after his truth social network failed. Elon Musk is allowing that to take place. Truth and fairness are not things they can stand, “alleged a different user. One more user said, “It is an echo chamber, Truth Social. It is dubbed that, which incenses ardent Trump supporters, but it is. Trump is undoubtedly watching Twitter without commenting. Not tweeting will hurt your chances of winning the presidency… He needs the votes of Independents in addition to the “MAGA base.” “So that means Truth Social is simply another in the long list of Trump failures,” a user continued.

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