Tornado wreaks havoc in Arkansas, US killing 2 and injuring dozens

Tornado wreaks havoc in Arkansas: America’s terrible storms and hurricanes are not getting their names. On Friday, a strong tornado killed several people in Little Rock, Arkansas, and nearby towns in the United States.

Officials say that at least two people were killed and that dozens more were hurt. At the same time, the storm has caused damage to a lot of buildings. Walls and roofs have come off of homes. Also, the storm flipped over parked cars and knocked down trees and power lines.

Tornado wreaks havoc in Arkansas

Tornado wreaks havoc in Arkansas, US killing 2 and injuring dozens

people stuck in the wreckage

People were scared because of the storm. The southern US state of Arkansas was hit hard by two storms.

This did terrible damage in Little Rock, the state capital. The Office of Emergency Management in Pulaski County said that after the storm, several people were taken to the hospital in very bad shape. Due to this strong storm, dozens of people were stuck in the wreckage.

Arkansas’s state of emergency

At a late-night news conference, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that at least two people were killed by the tornado in Wynne, which is about 100 miles (160 km) east of Little Rock and near the Tennessee border.

Tornado wreaks havoc in Arkansas,

After the storm, the governor’s office got to work right away and declared a state of emergency. Police said that the damage was worst in a few places in the western part of the city.

A tornado did a lot of damage in many places

The storm hurt 11 people in the nearby city of North Little Rock, which is just across the Arkansas River from the capital. One of those people is in serious condition.

Administrator Kevin Burton said that five to ten other people were treated in the emergency room at Jacksonville’s Unity Health Hospital.

Aerial footage shared by The Weather Channel showed a badly damaged area of Little Rock, with many homes missing roofs and walls, some of which have fallen down, and overturned cars parked in the streets.

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