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Top 5 Best WordPress Managed Hosting in the World

Best WordPress Managed Hosting The top managed WordPress hosting services are listed below if you want to transfer your WordPress website there.

Before you read on for additional information, allow me to explain how I collaborated with more than 10 web hosts to create theBest WordPress Managed Hosting Internet’s most complete list of the best-managed WordPress hosting.

Providers of the Best WordPress Managed Hosting

Here is my list of the top WordPress managed hosting for your popular blog now that you are aware of the qualities I look for in a managed host.

1. Kinsta

I host ShoutMeLoud with Kinsta, which WordPress experts regard as the best managed hosting.

They specially designed their hosting packages to make powerful WordPress sites function quickly. Best WordPress Managed Hosting Nginx, PHP7, Redis, and Object Cache are just a few of the top technologies they use, along with Google Cloud infrastructure. Best WordPress Managed Hosting As a result, your website will be extremely fast.

best wordpress managed hosting

Despite ShoutMeLoud’s growing popularity, I can still obtain page loads under a second using Kinsta hosting.

They also provide excellent support. Best WordPress Managed Hosting When I transferred ShoutMeLoud to Kinsta, I ran into some issues with outdated plugins that wouldn’t function with PHP 7. Best WordPress Managed Hosting Fortunately, the CEO of Kinsta offered to assist. Best WordPress Managed Hosting His level of commitment is this.

Other fantastic things that Kinsta provides include:

Data centers across many continents so you can pick the one that works best for you.
automated daily backups and backups on demand
Security – Your site will be kept secure by several firewalls and security assessments.
convenient staging area
Competitive pricing, free SSL Certificate, and top-notch customer service

Here are the prices you may expect to pay on Kinsta, speaking about pricing.

My pricing is based on their Business 4 plan.

2. WPEEngine

Another reputable managed host is WPEngine. They have the advantage of offering more reasonably priced plans than Kinsta, which is a plus. Best WordPress Managed Hosting Although I’ve previously had some issues with them, I am aware of other others who are really pleased with their offerings.

The entry-level WPEngine plan costs $35 a month for one WordPress site and offers 25,000 monthly visitors. Therefore, if your site is still only receiving 25,000 hits per month, this is a viable, affordable choice.

best wordpress managed hosting

All hosting packages from WPEngine contain practical features like:

internal caching. WPEngine features its own version of Evercache to speed up the staging section of your website.
Expert help for backup and one-click restore points for security scans

your contrast to Kinsta, which permits unlimited visits, keep your mind that all of their plans charge you each visit. Best WordPress Managed Hosting Because of this, I only suggest WPEngine hosting for blogs that have fewer than 25,000 monthly visitors. You run the possibility of being charged with serious crimes, as I was.

Here are the prices for WPEngine’s plans.

3. Hosting wpx

Another well-known managed WordPress provider with a solid reputation for performance speed is WPX Hosting.

best wordpress managed hosting

All WPX hosting packages include:

Numerous manual site migrations (conducted by WPX Hosting professionals)
free SSL certificate integrated CDN automated backup server-level caching
Free email hosting is rare among managed WordPress sites.
space for staging
malware detection and hack-repair assurance

WPX hosting offers affordable costs considering its features and performance. Plans start at a similar price to other managed WordPress hosts—$24.99 per month (or $20.83 with an annual commitment). However, there is one significant distinction:

WPX hosting’s entry-level plan allows you to host up to five websites, whereas the majority of other hosts only allow you to host one. Best WordPress Managed Hosting WPX’s major drawback is its lack of available data center space, but they make up for it by providing a free CDN that ensures lightning-fast speeds everywhere.

Therefore, it offers excellent value if you need to host a few sites.


Similar to Kinsta, is a reliable managed WordPress host that enables you to get an unlimited number of visitors to your site.

Just make sure it has enough bandwidth for you; if not, you can easily add more as you require it.

best wordpress managed hosting

All plans include the following standard features:

Total updates for your WordPress software and plugins, as well as a daily backup built-in varnish
staging area for developer tools like GIT and WP-CLI

The cheapest plan offered by is $199 a month.


For beginning bloggers on a tight budget, Presidium is a good choice. Best WordPress Managed Hosting Their cheapest monthly subscriptions start at $21 and allow up to 10,000 visits. Just like WPengine, keep in mind that Presidium hosts are subject to visitation restrictions.

They have these features in each of their plans:

backup for automatic updates in the staging area
Support for caching and CDN

Presidium is another excellent, cost-effective choice if your website has fewer than 10,000 monthly visitors.

best wordpress managed hosting

Additional Managed WordPress Hosting Alternatives

The best ones are the ones I stated above, but if you’re still looking for some alternatives, here’s a short list of additional top-notch managed WordPress hosts:

Presslabs site ground wpx hosting

What does WordPress managed hosting mean?

This kind of web hosting is intended for and optimized for WordPress websites, as the name would imply.

I discovered that there are various things we can do to scale our servers to manage more traffic when I looked over and browsed some WordPress server optimization presentations from one of the engineers.

Because these improvements cannot be carried out with shared hosting or managed VPS, we frequently experience poor loading times or interminable downtime.

Friends, here is when WordPress-specific hosting comes into play.

“Managed WordPress Hosting” is the name of this particular hosting.

A managed WordPress host is far superior to any other entry-level host for novices. (However, due to the cheaper costs, WordPress blogs typically begin with shared hosting.)

In order to host a WordPress blog or website, managed WordPress hosting takes care of every detail of server modification. Best WordPress Managed Hosting The best thing is that their technical teams are informed with WordPress blogs and have received training in managing WordPress servers. Best WordPress Managed Hosting maintains all information.

In order to ensure that you receive a prompt resolution when speaking to their customer service about any issue, do so.

You don’t need to rely on WordPress cache plugins to maintain the server’s optimal performance because managed WordPress hosting providers offer server-level caching and CDN.

As a result, your website loads more quickly and you won’t experience any technical hosting troubles!

Not bad, huh?

Now, these hosting services are ideal for any commercial WordPress blogs, sizable WordPress websites, or non-technical users (often in cases when hosting costs are not a concern).

Here are a few advantages of using managed hosting for WordPress.

Managed WordPress hosting advantages include:

It is possible to describe “managed hosting” as the daily administration of WordPress by a web host, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks like producing amazing content.

Technology-savvy personnel will make sure that crucial WordPress platform updates, plugin updates, and other site-specific updates are installed as soon as they become available with this sort of hosting.

They also take care of backups and speed optimization, in addition to several additional features that are designed to improve your WordPress experience.


Professionals who maintain WordPress for clients have a greater understanding of this platform than common site hosts. Additionally, they are adept at using it in the most effective manner.

best wordpress managed hosting

They will improve your site to give you more security and maintain the firewall they build as far as keeping it secure.


When comparing managed WordPress hosting providers with inexpensive or free WordPress hosting services, these hosting companies will also give you excellent customer support, which is the most significant benefit.

Many hosts merely give individuals room while lacking a solid grasp of the WordPress technology. Best WordPress Managed Hosting These service providers might not be able to give you precise assistance if you run into any problems.

best wordpress managed hosting

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With managed WordPress hosting, you can get in touch with someone who is very knowledgeable about the platform and can give you the help you need quickly and effectively for a fee.

Let me share with you a wonderful experience I just had with Kinsta (managed WordPress hosting), when they changed the architecture of their servers and transferred ShoutMeLoud to their new platform.

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