Top 5 best wordpress managed hosting 2024

Top 5 best wordpress managed hosting 2024

Best wordpress managed hosting Maintaining a WordPress website requires attention to a variety of issues, including website design, security risks, performance, marketing, upgrades, backups, and more. And almost all of these jobs take a whole day to finish. Finding time to work on improving the company or come up with fresh business ideas is therefore challenging.

Consider a platform that could relieve you of this burden by handling all these crucial but time-consuming duties, allowing you to concentrate more on expanding your business.

It’s a relief, isn’t it

best wordpress managed hosting

Using managed WordPress hosting is an option. best wordpress managed hosting This post will expose you to the benefits of managed WordPress hosting and some of the top managed hosting companies from which you can select in accordance with your requirements.

What is WordPress Managed Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a service designed specifically for WordPress websites that takes care of all the technical details so you can concentrate on producing and disseminating excellent content that will benefit your company. Allows. You won’t need to stress about things like website upgrades, performance, uptime, or anything similar if managed WordPress hosting is being done on your behalf.
What advantages can managed WordPress hosting offer you?

  • High-performance delivery has been optimised
  • Server caching takes care of website speed issues and successfully manages unexpected traffic spikes, so there’s no need to deal with them any longer.
  • reduces TTFB and guarantees quick page loads with strategically placed data centres.
  • Data loss is prevented with automatic backup
  • With a one-click staging environment, you can streamline your testing procedure.
  • Website security is taken care of; developer-friendly (SSH, Git, WP-CLI); easy to upgrade for scalability.

Top 5 WordPress Managed Hosting Companies

WP Engine 1

best wordpress managed hosting

The first and one of the most well-known managed WordPress hosting companies is WP Engine. WP Engine continues to raise the bar for other hosting companies on the market by providing some amazing features and fantastic customer care.

Why ought you to select WP Engine

  • has almost 55K WordPress plugins available.
  • performs automatic encrypted backups, updates, and patches, and offers single sign-on (SSO) authentication
  • runs on the fastest, most dependable Google Cloud Platform, therefore it offers top performance.
  • automatic and free SSL certificate that increases the security of your website
  • automatic migration services
  • provides superior development and staging environments and 24/7 customer support
  • provides the exceptionally quick and scalable Evercache front-end solution for customer digital interactions.
  • offers a one-click staging option
  • enables free CDN (Content Delivery Network) usage.


For businesses looking for precise, hands-on managed WordPress hosting, WP Engine comes highly recommended. However, if you want to use cPanel but have financial constraints, WP Engine might not be the best option for you.

Site Terrain

The hosting company with the greatest rating in the WordPress community that provides “full-service WordPress hosting for all types of sites” is SiteGround. You may get quick servers, top-notch WordPress security, automated upgrades, one-click staging, and many other features from SiteGround. The newest option for collaboration, which lets you work with website developers or submit a website to a client, was just released by SiteGround.

best wordpress managed hosting

Why ought you to pick SiteGround?

  • delivers outstanding website performance.
  • include CDN.
  • Give all plans a free SSL certificate.
  • makes 30 copies of daily backups and retains them.
  • offers strong caching.
  • offers a smooth WordPress transition.
  • Staging makes website testing easier.
  • offers updated and managed security.
  • 24/7 customer service is available.


For businesses searching for WordPress hosting firms that can handle the essential functions of a website while keeping costs low, SiteGround proves to be a fantastic choice. best wordpress managed hosting Your website might not be able to withstand significant traffic, though, if it must.


Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting company that uses Google Cloud Platform to precisely handle all of your website’s requirements. Kinsta’s popularity is growing daily as a result of features like automated scalability, total protection for customers’ data, unmatched performance, and quick support.

best wordpress managed hosting

The finest part of Kinsta is its pricing options, which are made for various kinds of organisations and corporations. best wordpress managed hosting Additionally, it offers a month-long trial period for its packages if you are unsure about its services.

Why ought you to select Kinsta?

  • provides no cost CDN for all plans.
  • provides free migration and a guarantee against hacking with all of its plans.
  • Self-healing technology is offered; it examines PHP services and responds automatically when necessary.
  • both automatic and on-demand backups are included
  • offers a productive staging environment
  • safeguards your website from malware and attacks.
  • a multi-user environment is provided.
  • gives out a free SSL certificate
  • Optimising databases automatically
  • enables access to Secure Shell (SSH).
  • enables one-click cloning of any of your websites.
  • comes includes a performance tracking feature that enables you to keep an eye on how well your WordPress website is performing.

Pricing Schemes

Amazingly, Kinsta offers 10 different pricing options that let you easily scale up or reduce your organisation.


The starting pricing for Kinsta plans is 30 USD, which is extremely expensive when compared to alternative options. best wordpress managed hosting Additionally, Kinsta does not provide consumers with email hosting. Kinsta might therefore be a superb host for your WordPress website provided money is not an issue for you.


A well-known brand in the hosting industry, Bluehost is officially suggested for WordPress websites. WP Pro, a fully managed configuration, is the name of the managed WordPress hosting service provided by Bluehost. best wordpress managed hosting Along with a web services admin panel, WP Pro also provides an all-in-one marketing dashboard outfitted with all the necessary marketing tools.

best wordpress managed hosting

Why ought you to select Bluehost?

  • all subscriptions include an unlimited number of websites.
  • lets you set an unlimited number of domain names.
  • gives you unrestricted use of subdomains.
  • offers infinite disc space.
  • does not set any traffic restrictions.
  • provides outstanding customer service to help customers all the way through.
  • provides greater security and quicker loading times.
  • gives you a testing environment for your website.
  • Activated global CDN for your website.
  • regularly backups
  • For all websites, free SSL
  • focuses on malware detection and removal to maintain the security of websites.


WP Pro is better suited to novices and small businesses. Although it suits the budget, it isn’t as reliable and developed as WP Engine and Kinsta.


A superb managed WordPress hosting company, Flywheel is designed for both non-developers and busy creatives. It provides seamless services. For each step of your agency, Flywheel offers a custom package.

best wordpress managed hosting

Flywheel is the platform that will support you and your clients at every stage of the process, whether you’re a freelancer, blogger, full creative team, or small business owner. best wordpress managed hosting Flywheel, which is based on Google Cloud like Kinsta and WP Engine, provides high uptime, website speed, and availability.

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Why ought you to select a flywheel?

  • It has an intuitive user interface.
  • offers a user-friendly interface that makes managing a website simple.
  • runs backups and restores every night.
  • Free SSL is available for all plans.
  • furnish a staging area.
  • enables interaction with your coworkers.
  • protects against hackers.
  • free CDN is offered for your website.
  • 24/7 client assistance.


For small enterprises with modest demands, Flywheel appears to be a fantastic choice. However, the plan costs more money if you want more sophisticated features. best wordpress managed hosting Additionally, there is no available calling service; the user is simply offered chat help.

Do you have your website ready to benefit from a managed WordPress host?

Every business depends on money, thus it makes sense to closely monitor every dollar spent. best wordpress managed hosting But if you want to get the most out of your business, you need to think bigger than this. Rather than only paying attention to your cash outflow, you need also concentrate on the value you gain from it and organise your business appropriately. best wordpress managed hosting A plan for investments should be developed.

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