Thousands of people said goodbye to the British Queen Elizabeth II while crying

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral held

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral took place late on Monday night. The royal family’s official website said that the Queen was buried next to her husband Prince Philip at the King George Memorial VI Chapel. The King George Memorial is a part of Windsor Castle. Apart from the Queen’s father King George VI’s mother and sister were buried here. Nothing was made public about the last ceremony.

The funeral procession was led into the Royal Vault

Commitment provider for Queen Elizabeth II was once held at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. This system was finished by eliminating his coffin in the Royal Vault. The Queen’s coffin used to be safely diminished into the Royal Vault. After this, the royal emblems of the Queen on it, such as the crown and rod, were eliminated from it. These will be stored in the Tower of London. Later King Charles would use them. Until then, the Dean of Windsor will seem after these symbols. The Queen will now be buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel inner St.

1 – The Queen’s casket arrives at Windsor Castle

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The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in a royal chariot is being carried from Albert Road to the well-known Long Walk of Windsor Castle in the direction of St George’s Chapel. Another technique associated with the funeral will be geared up here. During this, King Charles III and different participants of the royal family will additionally attend. Even at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry did no longer show up in army attire. He had separated himself from royal responsibilities. Because of this, they are now not allowed to wear army attire. It is well worth noting that aside from them, the ‘dress code’ of the royal household was once as per the pre-determined tradition.

2 – A particular car is used to transport the Queen’s coffin to Windsor

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin has been transferred to the state mortuary. From there a unique vehicle will travel through west London on its way to Windsor Castle for burial. The Queen will rest in this chapel, St. George’s.

3 – The body of Queen Elizabeth II has arrived at Wellington Arch

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Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin travels from Wellington Arch through Buckingham Palace. The parade will render the royal salute in this area. Then, before departing for the Queen’s funeral, the national anthem of the United Kingdom will be played. The Prince and Princess of Wales, King Charles, the Queen Consort, and other Royal Family members will depart. After the procession, bells will also ring in Westminster Abbey. Following the funeral procession, the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is taken from Westminster Abbey through the Great West Door. His casket will now be transported from London to Wellington Arch. The Queen will then be transported to Windsor for burial.

4 – Observed for two minutes

The Queen Elizabeth II funeral procession is gradually coming to an end. In remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II a two-minute silence was observed on this occasion throughout the United Kingdom.

5 – Liz Truss reads passages from the Bible

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British Prime Minister Liz Truss additionally examines the Holy Book of the Bible. He recited a passage associated with Jesus Christ’s promise of a region in heaven to his followers. Significantly Queen Elizabeth II used to be born in Westminster Abbey.

6 – Elizabeth II’s funeral procession begin

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will supply a sermon on occasion. Prayers will additionally be provided by the Archbishop of York the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster and the Moderators of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and the Free Church Moderators.

7 – Queen’s coffin reaches Westminster Abbey

The final resting place of Sovereign Elizabeth II has shown up at Westminster Nunnery. Here the casket of the Sovereign will be gotten from the State Firearm Carriage and taken inside.

8 – The Queen will be buried on her husband Prince Philip’s grave

The Queen’s coffin will be eliminated with horse-drawn artillery and carried by the country funeral pyre to Windsor Palace. Here the Queen’s physique will be buried alongside the tomb of her late husband Prince Philip who surpassed away remaining year.

Eight-kilometer lengthy line for the ultimate glimpse of the Queen

There is a long line of eight kilometers for the remaining glimpse of the Queen. In this about 4 thousand human beings are doing the ultimate darshan each hour. At present the physique of the Queen is stored in Westminster Hall of Parliament. After the funeral provider ends at 4:25 pm, the Queen’s coffin will come out on the streets of London at 4.45 pm.

1 – President Drapedi Murmu can pay tribute

President of India Draupadi Murmu paid closing respects to the late Queen and paid tribute to her on behalf of India. He additionally wrote the message in Elizabeth II’s condolence book.

3 – 4000 army personnel are rehearsing

4000 navy personnel are rehearsing to bid their ultimate farewell to the Queen. All these military personnel will attend the remaining rites to pay kingdom honors. It is being informed that after 1965 such a massive tournament is being organized.

4 – Queen Elizabeth II Died on September 8

Queen Elizabeth, 96, died eight September at Balmoral Castle a Scottish residence. After which, a wave of mourning unfolds all over the world. The heads of many nations consisting of India had paid emotional tributes.

Queen Elizabeth Funeral Live: Queen Elizabeth II cremated buried after husband Philip

Two thousand veteran leaders from all over the world have come to pay their closing respects to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. He will be cremated in a while. President Draupadi Murmu has additionally reached India’s aspect in this unhappy time. The Queen’s funeral will also be broadcast in twenty-five cinema halls. The Queen will be buried with country honors at the King George VI Memorial Chapel alongside her late husband Prince Philip.

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