This filmmaker died at the age of 101, had won 4 Oscar Awards, was also the president of the Academy

Walter Mirisch died. He was the director of classic movies like “Some Like It Hot,” “West Side Story,” and “In the Heat of the Night.” Walter had lived for 101 years. In 1967, he won the Oscar for Best Picture for a movie that he made. Walter was 101 years old when he died in Los Angeles on Friday. According to a statement from the Academy’s CEO Bill Kramer and president Janet Yang, Walter died of natural causes.

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The statement went on to say, “As a filmmaker and a leader in his field, Walter Mirisk was a true visionary. He had been President of the Academy and a Governor of the Academy for a long time. His love for movies and the Academy never went away, and he is still a close friend and teacher. In this time of sorrow, we send our love and support to his family.”

This filmmaker died at the age of 101, had won 4 Oscar Awards, was also the president of the Academy

In 1967, Walter Mirisch won his first Academy Award.

Walter Mirisch won the Best Picture Oscar for the 1967 movie “In the Heat of the Night,” which was directed by him. Walter’s company, which he ran with his brothers, made “The Apartment” and “West Side Story.” The Academy Award for Best Film went to these movies. From 1973 to 1977, he was President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Walter Mirisch, who has won the Honorary Oscar Award twice, was a film editor.

Walter Mirisk got an Honorary Oscar Award in 1978 and 1983 for his work and efforts in helping people. As a producer, Mirisch put great directors on his team, like Billy Wilder and Norman Jewison, and asked them to make movies in their own style.

Walter Mirisk’s company had a lot of well-known directors.

Wilder, Jewison, Blake Edwards, and John Sturges were all regular directors at Walter Mirisk’s company, along with Wilder and Jewison. John Ford, John Huston, William Wyler, George Roy Hill, and Hal Ashby all made movies for his company.

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