Girls in Iran are being poisoned to keep them from going to school. The number of cases has gone up in the last three months, and the government is worried

the government is worried:Some students at the Noor Yazdanshahr Conservatory in the holy Shiite city of Qom got sick in November, and it was said that they got sick again in December.

Different things are done in Iran to stop girls from going to school. In these, the poisoning of schoolgirls has also been brought to light, which has made people very angry. During the last three months, dangerous fumes were found in the classrooms of hundreds of girls in several schools in Iran. Some of them got worse to the point where they had to go to the hospital. At first, the Iranian government didn’t pay much attention to these things, but now it is thought that these things are happening on purpose. Local news reports have found that poisonings like this have happened in about 30 of these kinds of schools. People think that the attacks may be meant to stop girls in the country of more than 80 million from going to school.

At first, the administration didn’t care about what was going on.

Authorities haven’t named any suspects yet, but it is thought that these attacks were poisonings meant to stop girls from going to school. Iran has also asked the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan to stop telling girls and women they can’t go to school or college. Late in November, the first case was reported in Qom, which is about 125 kilometers southwest of Tehran, the capital of Iran. Some students at the Noor Yazdanshahr Conservatory in the holy city for Shias got sick in November, and it was said that they got sick again in December. They said they had headaches, were restless, felt tired, or couldn’t move. Some of the students said they smelled like chlorine or cleaning supplies. At first, the government did not pay much attention to these events and did not see how they were related.

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Girls’ school was the focus

In Iran, the temperature drops a lot at night during the winter. Many schools heat the rooms with gas from the ground. In this case, it was thought that the girls were lying sick because they had been exposed to too much carbon monoxide. At first, the education minister said that the reports were just rumors, but the schools where these things happened were all schools for girls, which made people think that these things were not accidents. Along with Tehran, similar things were said to have happened in Qom and Borujerd as well. This also happened at a school for boys, which made the government start to take these things seriously.

The government was worried.

The prosecutor general of Iran asked for an investigation because he thought criminal acts had been done on purpose. The Intelligence Ministry of Iran is also said to have looked into it. Iran’s state news agency, IRNA, aired several stories on Sunday in which officials admitted that the crisis was getting worse. Erna quoted Deputy Health Minister Yunus Panahi as saying, “Some people wanted all schools, especially schools for girls, to be closed after it was found that poison had hurt students in Qom schools.” Ali Raza Monadi, a member of Parliament who works on the Education Committee, said that these things were done on purpose. Monadi said, “It is a very big problem that bad people are trying to stop girls from going to school. We need to find out what’s going on.” Many parents stopped sending their kids to school after hearing that some kids had been poisoned. As a result, several schools in Qom have closed in the past few weeks.

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