The director thanked everyone for the 360 crores after Brahmastra outperformed The Kashmir Files

Vivek Agnihotri commented on Brahmastra’s success in a tweet on Monday. His tweet gave the impression that he was revealing the role of paid PR and influencers in this movie’s success. Brahmastra starring Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor has surpassed 350 crores at the global box office and joined the 200 crore club. As a result the movie recently defeated The Kashmir Files at the Indian box office which caused director Vivek Agnihotri to become furious with the media. Ayan Mukerji the director of Brahmastra has expressed his happiness with this enormous success on social media and he appears to be content with it.

On his Instagram page Ayan Mukerji posted a photo. He has shared information regarding “Brahmastra’s” 360 crores global box office haul with this image. In the caption of this post Ayan Mukerji also expressed gratitude to his followers. He composed the following 11 days have passed since the release of Brahmastra Part 1. Lord Shiva’s Day is on Monday, and the movie is in a nice mood.

Film reviews ‘Brahmastra’

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Vivek Agnihotri has taken the simplicity and amusement of the old movies and delivered it in this film. Brahmastra is filled with laughter love action and more comedy than one can handle. Ranbir Kapoor was excellent in his role as he showed what true acting talent looks like while Alia Bhatt continued her streak of superb performances. The special effects are stunning as well as the chosen costumes for each character. However, there were some small parts that I would have liked to see differently (I won’t spoil anything). Overall it was a fantastic movie that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to see an Indian blockbuster done right.

In the same caption he said that This successful voyage of Brahmastra will continue for the next few weeks as the holiday season draws near. The audience has provided us with both positive and negative feedback. Which we will share with you. He also discussed using the theory put forth by the fans in the upcoming section. All the fantastic fan hypotheses (some of which we will surely use in the future Mukherjee says. He added that he had begun the second part PART TWO DEV & THE ASTRAVERSE because of the fans’ overwhelming response. But only recently started working.

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Many Bollywood bigwigs have responded positively to the movie’s success in the past but recently The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri expressed his ire. Vivek Agnihotri commented on Brahmastra success in a tweet on Monday. His tweet gave the impression that he was revealing the role of paid PR and influencers in this movie’s success. Additionally he pleaded with social media to keep him out of Bollywood films’ rivalry.

The movie’s box office earnings grew on the second Friday and second Saturday after its release raising the film’s total on the 10th day by 15% to between Rs 16.25 and Rs 17.25 crore. With this the movie’s ten-day total revenue haul amounted to almost Rs 211 crore. According to reports, the entire series (together with the two future features) cost Rs 410 crore.

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