Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison CCTV leaked video on reddit and twitter

The court has heard that Essex reality star Stephen Bell allegedly shared CCTV footage of himself and Georgia Harrison engaging in ___activity on his OnlyF account without their consent. Bear, 32, from Loughton, who is best known for winning Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 and appearing on Ex, pleaded not guilty to two counts of revealing private photographs or films and one count of voyeurism.
Tape of Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison

Bear is accused of monetizing sites including WhatsApp, OnlyF, and P_rnh_b by sharing CCTV footage of him and Love Island star Georgia Harrison having intercourse in his garden in Lawton in August 2020. Georgia waived her right to anonymity, claiming she was unaware they were being recorded and never consented to the footage’s release.

Today (December 6) the trial began at Chelmsford Crown Court, with the jury hearing testimony from the State of Georgia and prosecutor Jacqueline Carey. Despite Georgia’s request, Ms. Carey claims Bear shared the video for his own “s_xu_l gratification” or the “s_xu_l gratification” of others.
Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison disclosed confidential information

Ms. Carey stated in her opening statement that Bell informed Georgia, after they had intercourse, that there was CCTV in the garden, which she may have recorded. According to reports, this is the first time the woman has been informed of the CCTV. According to Ms. Carey, Bell then sent her a copy of the video.

Later that night, she discovered that he had sent the video via WhatsApp. She instructed him to delete the message, which he stated he did. “He should never resend the footage,” she remarked the following morning after spending the night.

Ms. Carey said that in the months that followed, Georgia heard murmurs that the video was available on OnlyF, a website sometimes used by s_x workers to share content. Ms. Carey continued by stating that the woman later visited OnlyF, where Bear’s account all_g_dly posted a video with photographs of their s_xu_l encounter.

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Then, Georgia observed a message that Bell had posted online and described as a “advertisement” for the video. Apparently, Bale texted his followers, “Can’t wait for you to see me having S__X in my garden, I’ll be posting the video later tonight.” Ms. Carey said, “From everyone On the one hand, everything is advertising. The defendant is in fact selling the footage for profit.

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Bear’s Instagram video was presented in court following its online dissemination. Bell asserted that the last time he saw Georgia was in Thailand, and that the woman in the video was “certainly not her.” Ms. Carey told the jury that Bell sent a message to Georgia denying any wrongdoing on the same day the video was disseminated. Bell stated in voice notes played to the jury that the woman was thinking, “That’s so coiled, you look like an imbecile. “You do not think until you take action.”

In addition, he was overheard stating, “When the dust settles, you’ll look like an idiot because you told a blatant lie.” In a subsequent message, he is heard saying, “Damn, you’ve lost your mind” and “Avoid drugs.”

Ms. Carey stated that, according to the prosecution, Bear knowingly shared and uploaded the videos so that he or another party could “obtain s_xu_l gratification” from them and profit from the videos shared on sites such as OnlyF and P_rnH_b.

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