SCO Meeting: The SCO summit will determine the course of the Ukraine war

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will meet the leaders of their respective allies on Thursday to maintain a clean crackdown on the Ukraine war. The Ukraine warfare and its aftermath will be the predominant dialogue problems in the two meetings. Putin’s talks on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Uzbekistan’s capital Samarkand will primarily determine the future of the Ukraine war.

 First assembly with Xi Jinping

 Meanwhile, the US has advised China no longer to help Russia in any way in the Ukraine war. This will be Putin’s first assembly with Chinese President Xi Jinping for the duration of the conflict that started on February 24. A frequent method toward Western international locations will be mentioned in the assembly of the two leaders on the sidelines of the SCO summit.

 Possible dialogue on the Taiwan issue

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 According to the document of the information business enterprise AP. And alongside the Ukraine war, the Taiwan problem is also likely to be discussed. Discussions on the Ukraine battle between the two leaders have been proven through the Foreign Affairs Adviser to the Russian President. Despite being injured in an avenue accident in Kyiv President Volodymyr Zelensky is scheduled to meet European Union (EU) chief Ursala van der Leyen.

 Declaration of standing with Ukraine

 The head of the European Union (EU), Ursala, has declared to stand firmly with Ukraine as in the past. It is stated that we will see in what approaches we can put the economic system of Ukraine in the direction of progress.

 Russian navy strikes proceed in Ukraine.

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 Despite the pull away in the jap and southern components of the Ukraine war, Russian forces proceed to attack. According to Ukraine’s presidential office, Russian forces fired seven missiles at a dam close to the Kryvyi Rih. The birthplace of Zelensky threatening extra than one hundred residences. And occupants in low-lying areas after harm to the dam wall. Has gone.

 Demand for extra army aid

 The President’s Office stated that two civilians had been killed and 14 wounded in Russian army missile assaults in the previous 24 hours. President Zelensky is buoyed by way of his army’s seizure of some four hundred small and massive bases in much less than a week of fighting. He has stated that our warriors have made the not possible viable with their courage.

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