Saudi Arabia will now have a relationship with Syria. The embassy could open after Eid, and Assad could return to the Arab League

After 7 years, Saudi Arabia is going to take another big step by re-establishing formal ties with Iran. Reports in the news say that formal ties between Saudi Arabia and Syria may soon be back on track. The two people stopped being together 11 years ago.Follow for more

Another big piece of news about this is that if formal ties between Syria and Saudi Arabia are restored, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his country can also rejoin the Arab League, which is a group of 22 countries.

What are Iran and Syria alike

According to a report from the news agency Reuters, Syria has also chosen to do this after Iran and Saudi Arabia got along better. Embassy may open in April after Eid. A Gulf diplomat said that the choice was made after Saudi Arabia and a Syrian Intelligence Officer had talked about it several times.

The interesting thing about this case is that when diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia were repaired, China played a key part. America had no idea that this was going on. Now, if Syria and Saudi Arabia are able to get along again, it will be a big loss for the US in the Gulf.

Saudi Arabia will now have a relationship with Syria. The embassy could open after Eid, and Assad could return to the Arab League
Saudi Arabia will now have a relationship with Syria. The embassy could open after Eid, and Assad could return to the Arab League

The Syrian leader went on a tour of the UAE

On March 19, a Syrian group led by President Asad and his wife arrived in the UAE. During this time, he also met Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Danayan, the President of the United Arab Emirates. There was talk about making things better between the two leaders and making Syria more peaceful. Qatar made a fuss about this meeting.

America can teach Saudi a lesson

Saudi Arabia’s big friend America has been against making things better with Syria and Assad. A representative from the US State Department said that the US is set on its plan to improve ties with Syria. We can’t forget how the Syrian government used to act. America will never ask other countries to fix things with Syria.

If you can figure it out, the Syrian War is a gift from strong countries. About 11 years ago, a small group of people began to protest against the Assad government. The US helped those who were against Assad. Israel went with him after that. Russia and Iran, on the other hand, stood with Assad. This story is still going on, and Syria is almost done for. Saudi Arabia broke ties with Syria because the U.S. told them to.

Now, if Saudi Arabia decides to start talking to Syria again, it would be the second time in a row that America would be hurt. Not just Saudi Arabia, but all of the Gulf States have 90% American arms and technology. If the US backed out of this deal, it would be hard for these countries.

There have been talks about getting foreign services going in both countries

Both countries’ leaders refused to say anything about the situation. But later, a Saudi State Television Channel revealed that the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are talking about bringing back the commentary services. At the beginning of March, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faizal bin Farhan Al Saud said that it is possible to talk with Syrian President Asad again about Syria rejoining the 22-member Arab League.

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After the civil war in 2011, bans were put in place

After the Syrian Civil War started in 2011, he was kicked out of the Arab League. During protests and fights against President Bashar al-Assad, many people were killed. At the same time, more than a million people lost their homes. It is thought to be the biggest fight between people since World War II. Because of the civil war in Syria, many countries, including the United States and the United Nations, put limits on it.

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