Satish Kaushik: Anupam Kher cried remembering Satish Kaushik

Anupam Kher on Satish Kaushik: On Satish Kaushik’s birthday, Anupam Kher put on a singing night in his friend’s honour.

Anupam Kher, a famous actor in Bollywood, recently put on a singing night to honour his late friend and fellow actor Satish Kaushik’s birthday.

All of the stars came to the event to honour the late actor. At one time, many stories about Satish were told, and everyone thought of him.

Anupam Kher gets sad when he thinks about Satish Kaushik

Same thing, Anupam Kher’s eyes were filled with tears when he thought about Satish Kaushik at this event. At the same time, Anil Kapoor’s eyes were also getting wet. Anupam said about Satish Kaushik, “Satish is dead, but our friendship has made it through all the ups and downs, and we have seen the most wonderful thing he gave us.”

I can’t handle this on my own – Anupam

Satish Kaushik: Anupam Kher cried remembering Satish Kaushik

Anil made a short video for Satish, which we will watch, and then I will ask Anil to come talk to us. At the same time, Anil kept hinting that he wouldn’t go on stage, so Anupam told him, “You have to come, no, you have to come, okay, I’m also dealing with it, I can’t deal with it alone.”

Don’t worry, I’m not going to die now.’ – Satish Kaushik

At the same time, Anupam said, “On the 9th and 7th, he came on my birthday and called me. I told him, “You sound very tired. Do this and go to the hospital and check in. Don’t admit yourself; just go and check in.” Satish told him not to worry because he wasn’t going to die yet.

He had a lot of skill – Anupam

Anupam also said, “Sometimes people didn’t give him enough credit, but he was very talented. It’s amazing that he never tried to sell himself. Anupam then asked Anil to join him on stage, saying, “Heroes always cry, so come and make friends cry.”

Anupam kept crying

But after just a few steps, Anil broke down and waved his hand to show that he couldn’t join Anupam on stage. He then went back to his place. Then Anupam said, “Come on, it’s okay.” When he started crying, too, Anupam said, “Anil, you’re crying, and I’m crying too.”

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