Russia Ukraine War: What is the meaning of ‘partial mobilization’ of Russia?

Vladimir Putin the president of Russia has declared a “partial mobilization” of the armed forces. This has confirmed the speculation that has been going on for several days that after the tremors in Kharkiv Ukraine Russia is preparing for a significant retaliatory attack there. There is a general understanding that this is what Putin’s latest announcement meant. The fast-paced events in Moscow on Tuesday were also considered a sign of the same thing.

Putin said in a unique address to the nation that Russia is facing joint military actions by Western countries along the 1,000-km-long border. It has been a collective discussion in Russia that western forces are conducting war there on behalf of Ukraine. Putin is understood to have pointed in that direction on Wednesday. Earlier on Tuesday the Russian Parliament Duma passed several such amendments which gave the Russian government the right to declare war. On February 24, Putin announced particular military action in Ukraine. That is Russia did not formally declare war. Right now, he has called it ‘partial mobilization.

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Under the amendments approved by the Duma, punishment for ‘offenses committed in wartime’ and martial law for this period have also been made. After Putin’s address on Wednesday Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that under this. Three lakh soldiers would be sent to Ukraine. Earlier, the leader of the Russian Province of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, had said – under the new action of revenge, the enemy will have to face the most difficult consequences. The effort that will be taken now all the previous steps will appear as a joke to the children.

According to analysts, there has been a sense of unease in Russia since the Ukrainian army forced the Russian military to retreat to Kharkiv. It is understood that under the new decisions, Russia will now use all kinds of power, including the Air Force. A plebiscite program has been announced from 23 to 27 September in the regions of the Donbass region supported by Russia. It is understood that the Russian-origin residents there will decide to merge. And the entire Donbas region with Russia through a referendum. Russia will take such a step soon after that. According to analysts, the Russian government has quickly decided on “partial mobilization” because of possible Western action against that move.

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The Russian Defense Minister has clarified that Russia is ready for any eventuality. He said Russia could mobilize 30 million soldiers for war whenever it wanted. Earlier on Tuesday, President Putin held a meeting with officials of Russian military equipment companies. In this, he ordered those companies to increase the production of weapons, equipment, and unique protective clothing for soldiers.

On Wednesday, Putin accused Western countries of doing nuclear blackmail. He said that if Russia’s territorial integrity is under threat, Russia will use every resource it has. He warned the western countries not to take this as a jackass. Analysts considered it a dangerous warning.

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