Russia-Ukraine War: Putin’s threat deepens the West’s fears of nuclear war

Russia-Ukraine War: despite Putin’s latest announcement, Ukraine is sticking to the policy of free territories which Russia has occupied. Whereas Russia is going to hold a referendum there from 23 to 27 September on the question of annexing these areas.

Fears of a nuclear war in Western countries have deepened after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of troops in Ukraine. In his address to the nation on Wednesday Putin bluntly said that if a threat to Russia’s territorial integrity was created Russia would use all the resources it had in retaliation. He said that his statement should not be taken as a ‘blank threat’. There is a general opinion in Western countries that Putin has threatened nuclear war with this statement.

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Andrey Baklitsky a senior researcher at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, has said that Putin’s statement goes beyond Russia’s nuclear doctrine. This doctrine clearly states that Russia will first resort to conventional war if there is a threat to the Russian state. Baklitsky said Putin has now indicated the use of nuclear weapons to protect territorial integrity. He asked- If Ukraine succeeded in snatching its territories from Russian military occupation, would Putin retaliate with nuclear weapons? Russia is preparing to annex these areas.

Despite Putin’s latest announcement Ukraine is sticking to the policy of liberating the territories which Russia has occupied. Whereas Russia is going to hold a referendum there from 23 to 27 September on the question of annexing these areas. Ukrainian President Volodyr Zelensky said on Wednesday that holding the referendum would not affect Ukraine’s intention to liberate its territories.

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Baklitsky has told the British newspaper The Guardian that the use of nuclear weapons has been said by the person who has the right to decide about it. Therefore it cannot be taken lightly. Russian politics expert Mark Gigliotti has also said Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons is unprecedented. He has questioned whether Putin is ready to go to such an extent that it would mean a nuclear war.

Some experts have said that the threat may have been made to persuade Western countries. And Ukraine to accept Russian terms. Zelensky has also said that he does not believe that Putin will actually use nuclear weapons. In an interview given to the German newspaper Bild he said I do not think the world will allow Putin to use nuclear weapons. However he also said that ‘nobody knows what is going on in Putin’s mind.’

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Analysts have pointed out that Russia has never done more since World War II than Putin has now decided to mobilize. Russia has announced to deploy of three lakh soldiers. Meanwhile, there is a queue of foreigners living in Russia to return to their country. On Wednesday all tickets for flights from Moscow to Istanbul, Yerevan, Tashkent, and Baku were booked immediately. There has also been a rapid increase in ticket prices.


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