Rotwild introduces New E Bike R.X275, which is fast in speed, light in weight

Rotwild: Today we are going to talk about such an electric bike which is only 15 kg, so here we present Rotwild’s new electric bike R.X275, which is only 15 kg. It is made from carbon fiber frame. This electric bike generates peak high torque of 50 Nm. Due to which this electric bike catches a good speed in no time and this bike has been given sensors and new features along with e-assist feature.

Along with electric bikes, the market of E Bikes in India is gradually increasing. And in the growing craze of this electric bike, Rotwild has launched its new e-bike. And Rotwild company, known for its powerful bicycle, has introduced its new E Bike R.X275 in the market. And only 300 W power motor has been given in this e-bike of Rotwild. And this E bike can be run with both pedal and battery.

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Although it looks just like a normal cycle. And its design is also very attractive. This E bike is made from Sorbonne carbon fiber which is very light and strong which makes the performance of this E bike even better. And this carbon fire is also very expensive.

Rotwild introduces New E Bike R.X275, which is fast in speed, light in weight

Reduced weight due to carbon fiber frame

The special thing about Rotwild e-bike is that Rotwild R.X275 is only 15 kg. It is made from carbon fiber The entire frame of this E bike is made from carbon fiber only. Which makes this bike strong and light. And this bike has a power motor of 300W which generates peak torque power of 50 Nm. Due to which this bike catches good speed in just 30 seconds. And this bike is specially made for off roading. The design of this E bike has been designed in such a way that this bike will be able to run even on bad roads.

Feature of eAssist will show the way

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The ex-showroom price of the Rotwild R.X275 Pro E bike will be around Rs 8.5 lakh. And the option to set the power has also been given in this bike, which you will be able to reduce or increase its power according to your own. And this is a mountain electric bike.

This bike is specially designed to run on rocky roads, rocks and high climbs. And in this, the feature of eAssist has been given, which will give you information about the way ahead and the current places. And in this you will also get a display which will keep you updated about the way forward and in this you have also been given a facility like Google Map which will help you if you go astray.

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