President said that refugees had pay price for their mistake, center was set on fire

A huge fire in a prison center in Mexico has killed at least 40 people. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the country’s president, has now made a big claim about what happened. He said that this happened because people were afraid of being sent away.Follow for more

Forty people have died because of a huge fire at a holding center for immigrants in Mexico. Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said on Tuesday that the migrants set fire to the beds in the detention center because they were afraid of being deported.

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TOI said that Reuters said that the National Immigration Institute said that 29 people were badly burned in the fire at the detention center. This report came from the National Immigration Institute. The agency said that there were 68 people from Central and South America in the holding center at the time of the fire.

President said that refugees

President said that refugees had pay price for their mistake, center was set on fire
President said that refugees had pay price for their mistake, center was set on fire

The official from Guatemala said that many of the people in the holding center could also be from Guatemala. President Obrador said that when the migrants in the holding center found out they were going to be sent back to their home countries, they started to protest. But he had no idea that something so terrible would happen in the middle.

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The holding center is close to the border of the United States

After the event, the President said, the head of the country’s immigration office went to the scene. He said that the detention center is not far from the line between the US and Mexico. There has been tension between the officers and the people who live in the center for the last few days.

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Before this happened, on March 9, more than 30 migration groups and individuals wrote an open letter. In which terrible things were said about what was being done to the refugees. In the message, it was said that the people who work at the center mistreat and hurt the migrants.

Let us tell you that there have been protests in Mexico’s Detention Center before. Even before this happened, there were protests at the center. Many times, people have said that there are too many people in the center.

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