Peyzki on twitter, Whats happened to Peyton Chorvat on videos and photos

Most streams will definitely get banned from Twitch, but the ban usually only lasts a week or two. Even though the author Kimmikka was caught having s_x with her partner on stream, it only took her seven days to get back on stream.

The same thing happened when Def Noodles was banned for “doing dr-gs” on-stream, but instead of being upset by the short term, he went straight to YouTube. But a streamer called Peyzki, whose real name is Peyton Chorvat, was banned for a longer time for a smaller mistake. Peyzki got three copyright strikes in 2018 because she played Beyoncé songs on her live stream.

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After Twitch looked into her claims, she was finally banned for life for two years, two months, and three days. She can finally go back to Twitch now that she is no longer banned. She hasn’t stopped streaming completely over the years, and she’s been busy on OnlyF and Fansly, which Amouranth also uses.

Peyzki joked that she would never “crime” again after her ban was lifted. She then went on Twitch to do her first live stream in over two years.

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