North Korea fired two more missiles and tension between South Korea and America

North Korea fires off two more missiles for tests:Two ballistic missiles have been tested .
Both of these missiles have landed outside of Japan’s Special Economic Zone. has tested both of these missiles at the same time that the US and South are doing the largest military drill ever.And they have sent their aircraft carriers to the Peninsula. This is seventh missile test this month.follow for more

North Korea fired two more missiles :

AP says that South Korea has confirmed that these missiles were tested. The Joint Chief of Staff of South Korea said that these missiles were launched from the Western Inland . These missiles have landed outside of Japan’s Special Economic Zone. Japan has also said that testing these missiles is not a good idea. Japan has said that North Korea is always doing things that are dangerous and could hurt it a lot.

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North Korea is putting South Korea’s missile defense to the test.

North Korea is testing missiles to see how well South Korea’s missile defense system works.North Korea is also testing a nuclear drone as part of its tests.says that its nuclear-powered drone can destroy any country’s Navy ships and ports.Let us tell you that has already set a record for weapon testing by firing off more than 70 missiles in the year 2022.

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