Men’s basketball at New Mexico State is suspended, and the coaches have been placed on administrative leave.

The men’s basketball team has been suspended at New Mexico State until further notice while officials look into “possible infractions of university rules,” which were not further described.

The university released a statement saying that the men’s basketball coaching staff, including first-year head coach Greg Heiar, has been placed on paid administrative leave and that the team’s next Saturday’s game against Cal Baptist has been postponed. READHOW FREQUENTLY DO RAILWAY DISASTERS RELEASE TOXIC CHEMICALS INTO COMMUNITIES? HERE IS WHAT THE DATA SHOWS:

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According to a statement released by the school and read by the media by campus spokesperson Justin Bannister, “New Mexico State University is suspending operations for the men’s basketball program until further notice.”

Staff at New Mexico State University have just learned of new allegations of probable policy violations relating to the Albuquerque incidents late last year.

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Whether the “new claims” that New Mexico State is referring to are criminal in nature is yet unknown.

The Board of Regents at New Mexico State University merely stated that it “supports the action taken by the university administration” and that it is “assured that a comprehensive and thorough inquiry will be performed” in a separate statement. READLEBRON JAMES BREAKS KAREEM ABDUL-RECORD JABBAR’S FOR MOST POINTS EVER SCORED IN THE NBA.

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An email from NEWSY DRONE Sports asking Bannister whether the decision to stop the men’s basketball program was taken by the athletic department or at the university level did not receive a response right away.

According to a school spokeswoman, the crew had already left for California when it was decided to halt operations on Friday, according to the Las Cruces Sun-News, which is a part of the NEWSY DRONE Network.

Under the guidance of former coach Chris Jans, the head coach at Mississippi State, the Aggies have participated in three of the last four NCAA playoffs. However, they are now in last place in the Western Athletic Conference and have a record of 9–15 in their debut season under Heiar.

Tony Jones, a spokesman for the WAC, stated in an email that the league was keeping an eye on the situation and had no further comments.

After a turbulent few months, New Mexico State has made the unusual decision to suspend the entire men’s basketball program.READCAN A TRIP TO DUKE DERAIL NORTH CAROLINA’S HIGH AMBITIONS FOR THE SEASON AFTER A DISMAL START?

Four University of New Mexico students allegedly tried to “lure” Peake to campus on November 19 in order to jump him as payback for an earlier altercation. Peake and Brandon Travis, a student at UNM, both pulled out guns, according to the police. Travis was fatally shot in the subsequent gunfire, and Peake was wounded in the left leg.

The fallout has attracted further attention. Three of Peake’s friends arrived on the site in a Chevrolet Camaro before police arrived, and Peake put his revolver and a tablet in the trunk, according to surveillance footage. Assistant basketball coaches later turned over the handgun and tablet to authorities, and a representative of the athletic department handed over Peake’s phone.

Since then, New Mexico State has hired a private company to look into the situation.


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