McDonald preparing to lay off many people, many US restaurants closed

McDonald’s has let people go from their jobs more than once in the last few years. In 2018, the company also said that its management would be cut. After that, there were signs that the company would cut back in 2019, too.

McDonald’s, one of the biggest food chain companies in the world, is briefly closing down a lot of its US restaurants. Along with this, the company is getting ready to lay off a lot of employees soon, which may also be mentioned in the next few days.

McDonald's preparing to lay off many people, many US restaurants closed

On Sunday, the American newspaper Wall Street Journal said that a memo sent last week to US employees and some foreign employees told them they could work from home from Monday to Wednesday.

Aside from this, the company has told its workers by mail to cancel all meetings with vendors and other parties in their offices. The email also says that we will make some important decisions about roles and workers in the organisation during the week starting April 3.

The company had said as early as January

But the company wouldn’t say anything about how many people were being fired. In January, the company said that it would make a hard choice by April in order to make a strategic plan for the burger chain.

In February, the company said that there are more than 150,000 people working in corporate jobs and restaurants around the world. 70% of these are from outside of the US. The workers have also been asked by the company to give their manager their personal cell phone number. So that the boss can tell the worker what the company has decided.

McDonald’s is not the only business to lay off workers

So far, a lot of big companies have said they will lay off workers because of the global recession and rising prices. Big companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook all reported layoffs in the past few weeks.

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