When Kyrie Irving asked to be traded from the Brooklyn Nets, there were six possible destinations.

People want NBA point guards.

Several teams could use a top point guard, and lucky for them.

Kyrie Irving, a guard for the Brooklyn Nets, asked to be traded before Thursday’s deadline. This added to the excitement of what could be a big week for the NBA.

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Irving was chosen to start in the All-Star Game on February 19. He is in the last year of a $136.4 million, four-year contract and will be a free agent in the summer. Irving wanted to stay with the Nets for longer, but it looks like they and he couldn’t come to an agreement on new terms. READ‘IT’S SPECIAL,’ SAID PATRICK MAHOMES AND JALEN HURTS OF SUPER BOWL 57 FOR BLACK QUARTERBACKS.

Putting Irving’s past aside, there is a market for a point guard who is one of the best shot-makers in the league and averages 27 points, five assists, and five rebounds. But the team that gets Irving must have some reason to believe that he will re-sign. No team will give up a lot of valuable assets for a player who will be free to sign with another team in July.

Los Angeles Lakers

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Before the season, there were rumors that Irving would be traded to the Lakers. Should the Lakers take another look at that? Los Angeles just got Rui Hachimura from the Washington Wizards, but they still need to make one more trade to become a strong playoff contender. The offense is strong when LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Irving are all on the court together.

The Lakers haven’t wanted to trade their first-round picks in 2027 and 2029, but if those three players played together for the next few seasons, the front office might change its mind. To make a deal work, the Nets would probably have to take back Russell Westbrook’s contract, which is about to end and send another player.

Miami Heat

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The Heat have looked into the point guard market. Minnesota’s D’Angelo Russell was and still is a possibility. With the contracts of Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson, and the Nets likely wanting draught picks, this is a deal that works on paper. But Irving’s past includes promoting an anti-Semitic movie earlier this season. For a team that suspended and traded Meyers Leonard for making an anti-Semitic comment while playing video games, this seems like an unlikely scenario. READWHEN DOES THE SHARING OF NETFLIX PASSWORDS STOP? HOW MUCH IS IT GOING TO COST?

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs have been looking for the right players to join star Luka Doncic and make a team that can compete for the championship. It hasn’t been easy, just like when James Harden played for the Houston Rockets and they tried to build a good team around him. The Mavs could make a deal if they include Spencer Dinwiddie, a low eight-figure salary, and draught picks.

Phoenix Suns

Since the beginning of the season, Phoenix has been looking for a deal. Chris Paul has been in and out of the lineup, and Devin Booker hasn’t played since December 25. The Suns need help in the backcourt, and Irving can give it to them. In terms of salaries going out and coming in for the Nets, this deal would need work from both sides. READDEION SANDERS MAKES A BOLD STATEMENT WITH COLORADO’S MASSIVE FIRST RECRUITING CLASS.

The Chicago Bulls

The Bulls tried to make a big change quickly by getting Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, Nik Vucevic, and Lonzo Ball over the past few years. But it hasn’t led to any big wins. Given the salaries of the Bulls’ players, it wouldn’t take much for the two sides to reach a deal.

Brooklyn Nets

Irving asked to be traded, but that doesn’t mean the Nets will give in. When Durant asked to be traded in the offseason, the Nets didn’t do it. If the Nets don’t trade Irving before the deadline, they risk losing him for nothing in return. The team knows this is a possibility because, according to The Athletic, they offered Irving an extension that he and his agent didn’t like. Follow for more updatesNewsydrone.com

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