King Charles’ pen leaked during the signing, and he was furious:

After the demise of Sovereign Elizabeth II on September 8, her oldest child Charles turned into the new Ruler of Britain.

After assuming the throne, a video of him is becoming viral on social media these days. King Charles III arrived at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast in Northern Ireland. When he started signing the visitor’s diary, he found the pen kept there was leaking. Inc. was running out. On seeing this, he burst into anger. He said, ‘I can’t bear it.

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In the viral video, King Charles can be heard saying, “Oh god, I hate this pen!” He stood up from the chair angrily and handed over the pen to his wife, Queen Consort Camilla. After this, Charles started wiping his fingers.

This was not the first time King Charles lost his cool in front of the camera. At another signing, King Charles angrily asked a colleague to clear the table.

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