Kim Jong asked North Korea prepare new plan make nuclear weapons

Kim Jong Un, the boss of North Korea, has asked nuclear scientists to make more things that can be used to make bombs.Follow for more

Explain that tensions are rising because North Korea is testing weapons and the US and South Korea are holding war drills. Officials think that North Korea may do more nuclear tests for war purposes in the coming weeks and months.

Kim Jong met with people

On March 27, it was said that Kim met with officials and experts at the Nuclear Weapons Institute, which is run by the government. At this meeting, he talked about the need to make more bomb fuel and gave the nuclear industry an important job.

Kim Jong asked North Korea prepare new plan make nuclear weapons
Kim Jong asked North Korea prepare new plan make nuclear weapons

Kim also looked at the country’s plans for a nuclear response to a nuclear attack. Kim can be seen talking with cops in a hall in pictures from the agency.

dozens of guns likely

After doing six nuclear tests in 2006, North Korea probably has dozens of nuclear bombs that could be put on some of its older weapons, like the Scud or Rodong missiles. North Korea is thought to have about 70 kilograms (154 lb) of weapon-grade plutonium, according to a South Korean defense report from February.

The paper says that North Korea also has a “significant amount” of highly enriched uranium. North Korea’s main nuclear plant is called Yongbyon. It has places to make both plutonium and uranium. People think that North Korea has at least one more secret site for enriching uranium than the one at the Yongbyon complex.

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Testing of a nuclear attack drone under water

North Korea did another test of a ballistic missile on March 27. The military of South Korea says that Kim Jong-un’s country fired a ballistic missile toward the sea from its east coast. KCNA said that the missiles that were tested on Monday had fake nuclear bombs that went off 500 meters (164 feet) above their sea targets.

It also said that North Korea had done another test this week of an underwater drone that could launch a “radioactive tsunami” to destroy enemy military ships and ports. North Korea has already set a new record for weapons testing by firing off more than 70 missiles in 2022.

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