Khalistanis ruckus reached Britain, how it is easy to protest in UK till the rowdy embassy

Khalistanis ruckus reached Britain: Khalistan supporters tried to insult the tricolor in London amidst the arrest campaign of Amritpal. The crowd waving Khalistani flags wanted to remove the Indian flag and hoist their own flag. Now in this matter India has summoned Britain as to why there was no security outside their High Commission. Meanwhile, they understand how much exemption is there for Protest in the UK, and when does the government come into action?

Protests have got the green signal in the United Kingdom. It is exempt under Articles 10 and 11 of the European Convention of Human Rights. It directly comes in Human Rights that if someone wants to put his point on any issue, and all other means have been exhausted

that is, he has requested the government, and even then there is no hearing, then he can protest may hit the streets. But it should be peaceful. If there is any problem with the Protest, there is any kind of violence, or there is damage to public or private property, then action can be taken.

The latest case is about Amritpal Singh. In which Khalistan supporters also attacked the Indian High Commission building located in London, the capital of Britain, on 20 March. The crowd that reached here carrying the flag of Khalistan had taken down the flag of India from the High Commission building and tried to hoist the Khalistani flag. The attackers also spray painted ‘Free Amritpal’ in big letters on the wall outside the embassy. After this incident, India also registered its strong protest in front of Britain.

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Khalistanis ruckus reached Britain

Khalistanis ruckus reached Britain, how it is easy to protest in UK till the rowdy embassy
Khalistanis ruckus reached Britain, how it is easy to protest in UK till the rowdy embassy

What does the UK law say

There was also a provision for this in the Public Order Act 1986. In this too, Police, Crime, Sentencing and Court Act (PCSC) has been added after another amendment recently. It is mentioned on the official website of UK. Even if there is noise during the protest, on which someone complains, he can go to Scotland Yard and take action against the protestors.

Due to Protest, if someone is late in going to office, due to which there can be a big loss of work, such as medical need or any kind of emergency, even then he can take help from the police. Protesters can be removed from the route immediately, if the transportation of things like water, food or oil is being affected.

Apart from the demonstration of the crowd, one-person protest is also no different from the new rule. If the demonstration of a single person causes harm to another person, people or property, then the British police can stop the demonstration and take action according to the damage.

Khalistanis ruckus reached Britain, how it is easy to protest in UK till the rowdy embassy

Freedom to perform without clothes, as long as

Nude Protest also comes under this purview. Although people were seen getting nude many times during the Protest in England and Wales, but if its purpose is to shock, then the police intervene. As the crowd standing on the bridge is shouting slogans comfortably, but suddenly people start getting nude as soon as a vehicle approaches, then it simply means that they want to shock. Due to this there is also fear of accident. Sometimes it has an effect on the mind of small children as well. In such a situation, action can also be taken on Nude Protest. All these rules are for England and Wales.

Scotland considers itself different from Britain, but it also follows almost the same rules in terms of performance. Under section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010, action can be taken against protesters if they cause harm to anyone.

More strictness on going against the royal family

After the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in September, many people started protesting on the streets of London and Edinburgh. He said that now is the era of democracy, in such a way, so much frills on the royal family is not right. They were also raising slogans against the Queen. Then many people were sentenced to a year’s imprisonment, a fine of 5 thousand pounds or both. This is the punishment for the protesters. In case of more serious damage during Protest, both imprisonment and penalty can also be increased, but this has not happened till now.

The new act has become stricter than before

In January this year, under the leadership of British PM Rishi Sunak, the protests increased strictly. There were many more amendments in the Public Order Bill, which give more leeway to the police to take action against the protesters. Especially if they are blocking the road, or making noise. Under this, the police will not have to wait for the protestors to create a ruckus, only after which they take action. She can take action even after seeing the possibility of a ruckus.

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PM Sunak said on the new amendment that the right to protest is included in democracy, but it is not ‘absolute’. There should be a balance in this, which should remain between the people who are demanding their rights and the toiling people who have the right to go to work everyday.

There is no special concession in these countries

Almost all democratic countries allow peaceful demonstrations, except some Middle-Eastern and Communist countries. Russia, China, North Korea, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Crimea and Eastern Ukraine are included in this. Although Article 31 of Freedom of Assembly in Russia, the Russian Federation allows people to assemble peacefully, meetings, rallies and marches, but usually there are many screws in this and the protesters are soon dispersed.

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