kamusari leaked on reddit, One Piece chapter 1079 – Shanks vs. Kid

After last week’s very vague chapter hints, this week’s hints for One Piece chapter 1079 seem a lot more clear, instant, and easy to understand. This week’s thread, on the other hand, is a bit strange because leakers DruMzTV and ScotchInformer, as well as Redon, are involved.

This is probably because Etenboby and Pewpiece recently stopped leaking for a while, and One Piece Chapter 1079 was the first chapter to come out during their break. Still, it looks like the spoiler process is going on as usual, with Redon in charge and Scotch and DruMz filling in the blanks.

Fans who wanted to keep up with Egghead Island may be disappointed, but those who wanted a different point of view will love the new hints. Keep an eye out for this article, which breaks down the newest clues for One Piece Chapter 1079 and guesses what they might mean for the problem.

The first hint about One Piece Chapter 1079 came from a series leaker named Redon. On Sunday, March 19, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. EST, he shared a GIF of a man named Borja, who Said said spoke Spanish. In the GIF, Borja keeps saying “toma,” which is a form of the verb “tomar,” which means “to drink.”

But someone who replied to the post in Spanish said that in this case, it could be seen as a “let’s go” phrase. With that in mind, it’s clear that this is an example of how Redon felt about the story and not a comment on it. Fans can’t figure out anything about the story from this thread, but it’s still funny and thought-provoking.

In Chapter 1079 of One Piece, the next hint also comes from Lei Dong. It came out on the morning of Monday, March 20, 2023, around 6:30AM EST. One of the clues is a GIF that looks like it shows the Gol D. Rogers Advanced Conqueror’s Haki method, Kamusari, being used. The attack, which is called “Divine Departure” in English, shows up for the first time in Kozuki Oden’s memory.

But where it came from might not matter in this case because Oden, Roger, and Whitebeard, the three characters who were in the most flashbacks, all died at the same time in the series. Fans thought it meant that Shanks used the move or that it was a comment on Shanks’ problems in general. Since he’s on Roger’s team, he probably uses some of the same moves and has a similar style in general.

Redon gave out the next hint for One Piece Chapter 1079 again on Monday, March 20, around 9 a.m. ET. This GIF was made by Redon. It shows Sally Phillips as Gina in the 2022 movie How to Pleasure a Woman. In the GIF, the character seems to say the word “total annihilation,” which fans usually take as a comment on the events rather than Redon’s reply to the problem.

If what was said above about Shanks’ Kamusari clue is right, this clue probably has to do with the Eustass Kid and his crew. Fans recently learned that the two leaders will compete against each other in Elbaf.

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