Joan Collins, who is 89, doesn’t look her age when she goes out to dinner in West Hollywood with her husband, Percy Gibson, who is 57.

Joan Collins seems to get more beautiful as she gets older, and she looked as radiant as ever when she and her husband, Percy Gibson, went to Craig’s, a popular restaurant in West Hollywood, not long ago. The ‘Dynasty’ star, who is 89 years old, wore a chic white tunic with frilly sleeves over a fur-lined black jacket.

Gibson, who was 57 at the time, helped Collins’s wife out of the car. He was wearing a very well-fitted midnight blue suit. Jackie, who was Collins’ sister and a best-selling author, used to go to Craig’s a lot. She died in 2015 after a secret battle with cancer.

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Gibson is almost 30 years younger than Collins, but Collins plays down the age difference by saying in interviews, “If he dies, he dies.” In 2022, the couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with a gala at Claridge’s that was full of famous people. OK! magazine says that Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, Simon Cowell, and Elizabeth Hurley were all there.

Collins published a book of her diaries in 2020, and in 2022, she was in a BBC documentary called “This Is Joan Collins.” In an interview with the New York Times that same year, she said that the way people think about men has gotten worse since the Me Too movement. “I think it’s sad that young men are now being called toxically masculine because anti-maleness is on the rise,” she is said to have said.

Collins said that when she was young in show business, sexual misconduct “always” happened to girls. She said, “Most of the time I would just laugh in their faces.” She said this when asked if the bad behavior was still going on: “Since men aren’t hitting on me, I don’t know. But I think it is likely.”

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Collins wrote about her personal Me Too experiences in her book Past Imperfect, even though she told the Daily Mail that they were “bad memories I don’t want to relive.” There were some sad parts in the book, like when the CEO of 20th Century Fox, Darryl Zanuck, tried to hit on her in a hotel hallway. “I didn’t want to have to knee him in the groin to get out of this situation. Lucky for me, Dorothy Dandridge and a makeup man came down the hallway, and I ran away, promising not to get in Mr. Z.’s way again “she typed.

At 18, Collins married the actor Maxwell Reed, who gave her drugs and raped her. After he tried to sell her to an Arab sheik for $12,388 for one night, she gave him the boot. One of her later ex-husbands was Anthony Newley, with whom she had two children, Tara and Sacha.

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She also married Peter Holm, a former pop musician she now calls “the Swede,” and Ron Kass, a former Beatles manager with whom she had her daughter Katie. She finally got married to Gibson. In 2020, she joked that her marriage to him had been together as long as her four previous marriages put together.

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