jason Arde: Was unable to read or write for 18 years. Now he’s going to become a professor in Cambridge

At the age of three, Jason Arde was told he had Global Developmental Delay and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Arde would need help for the rest of his life, his family was told.

If you have a lot of courage, even the hardest path will be easy. Jason Arde, who is on his way to becoming a professor at Cambridge, has made this happen. He would be the first black professor who was also young. Arde couldn’t read or write until he was 18. Now, he’s going to college to become a professor. He did well because he was brave and determined, which he still is at this point.
At age 3, he was told he had autism spectrum disorder.

jason Arde

The Guardian says that Arde was given a diagnosis of global developmental delay and autism spectrum disorder when he was three years old. Arde would need help for the rest of his life, his family was told. But Jason, who is 37, did not give up. On March 6, he will start as a professor.

Arde wants to make sure that more people from ethnic minorities go to college. “My work is mostly about how to make it easier for poor people to get into college,” he told the BBC.

jason Arde: Was unable to read or write for 18 years. Now he's going to become a professor in Cambridge

Arde didn’t start talking until he was 11, but Sandro Sandri helped him learn to read and write when he was a teenager. Sandro has been his teacher, his friend, and his college tutor.

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Arde went to the University of Surrey and got a degree in Physical Education and Education Studies. He then became a PE teacher. He also has a Ph.D. in Educational Studies and two master’s degrees in the same field. In 2018, he put out his first paper and got a senior lectureship at the University of Roehampton. Arde went on to teach sociology at Durham University as an associate professor. He was one of the UK’s youngest professors when he got the job in 2021.
Ten years ago, I wanted to work in Cambridge.

In a conversation with The Guardian, Arde said that when he was getting his PhD 10 years ago, he wrote down his goals on the wall of his mother’s bedroom. A job at Oxford or Cambridge was third on his list. “As optimistic as I am, I never thought something like this would happen,” he said. He also said, “I knew I didn’t have a lot of talent, but I knew how badly I wanted it and how hard I wanted to work for it.”

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