James Marsters meets up with Sarah Michelle Gellar, whom he worked with on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” at the launch of “Wolf Pack.”

James Marsters is now a well-known actor. When he went to the premiere of his former co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new Paramount+ show Wolf Pack in the US, the actor looked older but was still recognizable as the vampire Spike. The 60-year-old actor from California is best known for his role as the “bad boy” vampire in the popular 90s TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” He played an enemy in the show’s first few seasons before becoming an actual member of the “Scooby gang.” He has since moved on to the supernaturals-file detective shows and made a well-known status as a rock performer.

At the ‘Wolf Pack’ premiere, Marsters walked the red carpet with Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played Buffy, their on-screen love interest in the show. As they leaned together and smiled at the cameras, James put his hand on Sarah’s back. Sarah Michelle Gellar has made a name for herself in movies since “Buffy” ended, but James Marsters became Captain John Hart on the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. Russell T. Davies, who runs the show, wrote the part just for him. He also played mastermind Victor Hesse on the crime show “Hawaii Five-0.”

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James has also been in “The Devil You Know,” an HBO show about the Salem witch trials in which he also starred. In 2021, after 10 years of marriage, James and Patricia Rahman broke up. Even though they didn’t have any kids together, Marsters already had one from a previous relationship.

In May 2010, he asked Rahman to marry him in Trier, Germany. At the time, she was studying fashion. They may have met for the first time at a concert in Amsterdam years ago. They got married in January 2011 in Los Angeles. “I saw her backstage and grabbed her phone number, but then the workers cleaned out my trousers and tossed it away,” Marsters told People magazine in 2006. away.” “I gave her my phone number, but she got one number wrong. She spent six months dialing all the possible options.

Marsters used to be married to Liane Davidson. They have a 24-year-old son named Sullivan together. In 1997, after being together for eight years, the actor and Davidson broke up their marriage.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar has said that out of her two kids, her daughter seems to be more interested in social media than her son. She was quoted as saying that her son “doesn’t care” about being part of the social media world, but that her daughter seems to like it. Gellar has had to talk to her daughter about how what she posts online on sites like Instagram and TikTok is “permanent.”

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