Is Putin going to attack in Ukraine again? Recruiting 147,000 people in the army

Putin going to attack: Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has given the order to hire about 1.5 lakh more troops. So far in the Ukraine war, they have lost about 700,000 troops.

Is Putin going to attack in Ukraine again

Russia seems to be paying a high price for the war in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin has asked for 147,000 more guards to be hired. He has given the order to start recruiting boys between the ages of 18 and 27 right away. The application process is to begin today, April 1. Before, Putin had told three million young Russians to join the army, which caused them to leave the country.

Is Putin going to attack in Ukraine again? Recruiting 147,000 people in the army
Will Putin again wreak havoc in Ukraine, recruiting 147,000 army

People say that in a war that lasted a year, Putin lost about 694,000 troops. Of these, 520,000 soldiers were so injured that they were unable to go to the frontline, while 173,000 troops were killed. The Ukraine Special Forces say that Putin has lost 77% of his 900,000 men, which is a lot. People now think that Putin is very angry that he had to order new recruits, which is why he had to do so in the first place.

Plan to let soldiers join up until they are older

In a news story, Meduza, a Russian news group that is against Putin, said that the process of hiring people will take place from April 1 to July 15. Putin is also trying to increase the age limit of soldiers. At present it is 18-21 years but there is a plan to make it 27-30 years. In August of last year, Putin asked for 137,000 trainees, and in December, he asked for 300,000. Out of these, 150,000 troops were sent to the front lines, while the rest were sent to train.

Plan to give 15 million to the armed forces

Now that the war has been over for more than a year, Putin has ordered the recruitment of more troops. The President’s plan is to take the armed force up to 1.5 million. Putin’s latest order comes at a time when more weapons are being sent to Ukraine from the west. After the order in December, thousands of young Russians had to leave the country. Pictures taken at the Russian border showed that a lot of young people were trying to get away. But Putin also came up with a number of ways to get new people to join the army.

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