Inga Swiatek wins US Open 2022, becomes first Polish woman

Poland’s female tennis player, Inga Swiatek, has won the women’s singles title of the US Open 2022. Inga has become the first women’s tennis player from Poland, who has won this title.

Inga Swiatek

Inga Swiatek of Poland upset the field on Saturday in the women’s singles final of the US Open 2022. This Polish player created history for his country by winning the title match. Just 21-year-old Inga Swiatek has won the US Open 2022, the first time a Polish female player has won the title.

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In the US Open 2022 championship match, Inga Swiatek triumphed over Onas Jabeur of Tunisia 6-2, 7-5, to take home the trophy. Onas Jabeur, 28, tried to make a comeback in the second set but was unsuccessful. Even though the second set was taut, Poland’s Iga Swiatek ultimately prevailed and made history for her nation.

In the final of the US Open 2022 Women’s Singles, Inga won 6 games in a row, while Onus could win only two games in a row. In addition, Poland’s standout player scored in 6 straight victories. At the same time, Tunisia’s star player won 4 times. Many matches had come to see this match held at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

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