Indian-Americans hold a peace protest in support of India, where they shout slogans and raise the Indian flag

In front of the Consulate General of India in San Francisco, a big group of Indian-Americans held a peace rally in support of India. In fact, this place was destroyed by Sikh separatists earlier this week. During this gathering, people also waved the Indian flag. Follow for more

Attacking the Indian Consulate as a form of sabotage

On Sunday, a group of pro-Khalistan protesters in San Francisco broke into the Indian consulate and caused damage. Pro-Khalistan protesters broke through temporary security barriers set up by the city police and put up two “Khalistani flags” inside the consulate building while shouting pro-Khalistan slogans. But two people from the office quickly took them down.

Separatist Sikhs were found guilty

Friday, hundreds of Indian-Americans drove around San Francisco flying the Indian flag as a sign of support for India. During that time, there were also a small number of separatist Sikhs, whose damaging actions were also criticized by Indian-Americans.

Indian-Americans hold a peace protest in support of India, where they shout slogans and raise the Indian flag

Indian-Americans made Vande Bharat signs.

During this peace gathering, there were also a lot of local police officers there to make sure nothing bad happened. Some separatist Sikhs there shouted chants in favour of Khalistan, but they were far less numerous than the Indian-Americans. The Indian-Americans cheered for India by chanting “Vande Mataram” and waving the Indian flag.

Many countries are doing more things that are against India.

Supporters of Khalistan in Canada, Australia, and the UK have been doing more things against India in the past few months. Some Hindu temples in these countries have been damaged by people who back the Khalistani movement. On Monday, India sent a strong warning to the US Charge d’affaires in Delhi about the damage done to the Indian Consulate General in San Francisco by pro-Khalistan protesters.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in New Delhi said that the US government has been asked to take steps to stop these kinds of things from happening again.

About 4.2 million Indian-Americans or people with Indian roots live in the United States. Let’s tell you that people of Indian descent (3.18 million) are the third biggest Asian group in the United States.

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