Hurricane in America destroyed 11 states, 32 people died, don’t know how much damage was done

America destroyed 11 states:Every day, America is hit by some kind of natural tragedy. At least 32 people died because of the damage caused by the storm in the South and Midwest of the United States. The storm was going northeast. Officials said that the storm moved from the capital of Arkansas to Illinois, where it caused the roof of a performance venue to collapse. A lot of people were at the place where the event was held. But people in the area were worried about what harm the storm might do. On Sunday, there were more deaths.

In a speech, President Joe Biden said, “We are still taking a look at how bad the tornado was.” We know that people all over the United States are sad about the deaths of loved ones, anxiously expecting to hear about the health of those hurt in the disaster, and picking up the pieces of their homes and businesses. Before, most of the country was labelled a “disaster-affected area,” and the federal government was told to send resources and money there.

America destroyed 11 states

Hurricane in America destroyed 11 states, 32 people died, don't know how much damage was done

emergency has been called

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At least five people died because of what the storm did in Arkansas. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the governor of Arkansas, has already called a state of emergency and asked the National Guard to help. Reports say that the storm has caused a lot of damage in 11 states, including damage to many homes and businesses, the falling of trees, and damage to the area around them.

Where, and how many people died

Hurricane in America destroyed 11 states, 32 people died, don't know how much damage was done

The National Weather Service said Sunday that the tornado in Bridgeville, Delaware, did damage to a number of houses. Sunday night, Delaware State Police said that a man’s body was found in a storm-damaged house. Nine people died in one county in Tennessee, five in Indiana, and four in Illinois because of the storm. Aside from this, people have also died because of storms in Alabama and Mississippi.

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