Drone attack on US Army kills one, injures five

Drone attack on US Army:Iran has attacked a repair station base in northeast Syria with a drone. Thursday’s attack killed an American worker. During the attack, five US soldiers and other US workers were hurt. This has been told by the Pentagon. Follow for more updates:newsydrone.com

The US troops answered

In a statement made at the end of the day on Thursday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that US Central Command troops fought back against attacks by groups with ties to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Airstrikes have been used to get back at Iran for what it did. Officials from the Defense Department’s spy service found out that the robotic drone was from Iran. Austin said that the airstrikes were done because allied troops in Syria had been attacked recently.

Drone attack on US Army kills one, injures five
Drone attack on US Army kills one, injures five

Attack on what Biden told them to do

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Austin said that President Joe Biden told him to order the retaliation strike. “The president has made it clear that we will do whatever it takes to protect our people, and we will always respond when and where we want,” Austin said.

blast video viral

Videos of a bomb going off in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor are getting viral. Deir ez-Zor is a key region that shares a border with Iraq. It has oil fields as well. The Syrian army and militias that are backed by Iran run the area. Recently, it was seen what looked like Israeli bombings on Iran’s supply lines.

Attacks by the Iranian army

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The elite Revolutionary Guard of Iran is thought to have used drones to hit Syria. In the last few months, Russia has started to attack Ukraine with Iranian drones as part of its war on Kiev.

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