Drew Sidora says that her husband is a “serial cheater” and that he caused her mental abuse in an updated divorce filing

Drew Sidora has made some shocking claims about her ex-husband Ralph Pittman. In an amended divorce filing, she says that he is a “serial cheater and adulterer” who hurt her mentally, financially, and at one point, physically.

The actress and star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, who is also known for The Game and Step Up, filed for divorce on Monday, an hour before Pittman did the same thing. In her first complaint, which was a no-fault divorce, Sidora just said that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

In her new complaint, which was filed in Gwinnett County Superior Court on Wednesday and was seen by PEOPLE, she says that she “simply can’t take [Pittman’s] continued disrespect and mental abuse any longer.”

People asked Pittman’s representative for a response to Sidora’s claims, but did not hear back right away.

According to the documents, Sidora said that Pittman had “repeated uncondoned adultery during the marriage” and even “allowed his multiple paramours to have direct contact” with her so that they could “flaunt” their relationships with him.

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In the complaint, Sidora said that a woman had “the unmitigated gall and audacity” to take a screenshot and send “sexting” messages directly to her and Pittman. Sidora said that when her husband saw the text messages, he asked them to go to marriage counseling, where he “professed his love” for her.

Sidora also said in the papers that her husband’s “cruel treatment” had gotten “worse and worse” over the past month.Drew

Sidora said in the filing that Pittman “took her cell phone out of her hand” during a fight, which made her “fall to the floor.” She said that he then “aggressively ripped the phone out of her hand.”

Pittman is said to have yelled at her when she asked for her cell phone back because he paid the cell phone bill and the phone belonged to him. The documents said that she then called 911, but the police did not come. Sidora got a new cell phone later.

Sidora said in the documents that Pittman’s alleged actions made her fear for her emotional health and the mental and emotional health of their three children, Aniya, 5, Machai, 7, and Josiah, 11. Josiah is Sidora’s son from a previous marriage.

Drew  Sidora says that her husband is a "serial cheater" and that he caused her mental abuse in an updated divorce filing

In fact, she says she “thought about putting in a request for a temporary protective order” against Pittman and flying to Chicago with her kids so they “could feel safe.”

Sidora also said in the complaint that Pittman had been “financially abusive” throughout their marriage. For example, he allegedly “withdrew a large sum of money” from her business bank account over the course of several days during the week of February 13.

The TV personality said that “he has asserted himself” in all of her business matters and taken control of all of her “business and personal finances.”

According to the papers, Pitman had access to her business funds and spent more than “at least fifty percent (50%) or more of all income” that Sidora made while they were married “under the pretense of paying household bills.” He is also said to have “wasted” hundreds of thousands of dollars that his wife got from a personal injury settlement.

Sidora is sure that her salary has paid for most of the household bills for the whole time they have been married. She also says that Pittman has “wiggled his way into every work project” that Sidora has in order to stay on camera “as much as possible” [for RHOA and other shows].

Pittman said, “Love is a beautiful thing.” “We’ve made the hard decision to move on to the next parts of our lives apart from each other. Drew and I have made the decision to get a divorce. We have three wonderful young children, and the most important thing is how they think and grow. As we try to get through this hard time, I’d like you to respect our privacy.”

In his divorce filing, Pittman said that the couple split up on February 19. Sidora said in her amended complaint that he did this to “strike first” in divorce court and “embarrass and humiliate” her. Pittman filed a contested divorce.

Sidora says that they haven’t been together since Thursday, February 23. In her petition, she says, “There is no chance or hope that the spouses will get back together.”

Both want to take care of their kids. Documents show that Pittman wants joint legal and physical custody, while Sidora wants joint legal custody but primary physical custody for a short time and for good.

She also wants to stay in their house, doesn’t want to pay Pittman’s bills, and wants him to pay his share of child support. In her complaint, she says that Pittman “should not be entitled to any alimony or spousal support” from her because he “has repeatedly and been allowed to commit adultery.”

In August 2014, Sidora and Pittman got married. In 2020, on the 13th season of RHOA, Sidora made her first appearance.

Many of the problems in their marriage that led to their divorce were shown on the Bravo show.

Last year, Sidora found a strange text message between her husband and the woman who worked for him (who was later fired). “It was really hard for me to find out that my husband was getting close to his assistant,” she said on the show. “I got my kids ready, and we all went to Chicago. I left home by running away.”

Sidora also said that she wanted Pittman to “respect the relationship.”

Even though they were having problems, Sidora told BET in June of last year that she and her husband were going to keep fighting for their marriage.

“I thought it would be like in Cinderella, with a happy ending, so we thought that’s how it would be,” she said. “My parents, who have been married for about 60 years, made it look so easy. We have kids, and we’re moving to a new city. Things are happening in my life, and people are growing and changing.”

She went on, “It’s hard because you sometimes wonder if you should stay in the marriage or if you’d be better off on your own. Then I ask myself, “What can we do to fix this if two people make a promise and keep making it?” You’re changing counselors to find the right one, but we’re committed, and I think that’s what keeps people together.”

The actress also said, “It’s not perfect because I’m not perfect and God knows he’s not perfect,” but they “keep doing the work” anyway.

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