Bluesky will compete with Twitter, Jack Dorsey created a new social media app, know the specialty

Jack Dorsey, who started Twitter and was its CEO for a while, has made a new app. Bluesky is the name of the social media platform that comes with this app. By the way, not all users can use this app right now. This app by Jack Dorsey can only be used on iOS right now, and you need an invite to use it.

Means Bluesky is a social media site that only people who have been invited can use. This app is a decentralized project that was just added to the App Store. You can search for it as “Bluesky Social” and download it, but you need an invite to use it.

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When you look at the screenshots in the app’s description, it looks like Twitter. Just in this case, the word “retweet” has been changed to “repost.” You might think of Twitter because of the round profile picture, the number of followers and people who follow you, the bold account name, and the gray handles. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since it all started with Twitter.

In 2019, the Bluesky project began.

In the year 2019, Jack Dorsey, who was then CEO of Twitter, explained what the Bluesky team was for. He made it clear that his team is working on Authenticated Transfer, a decentralized social media protocol.


Bluesky will compete with Twitter, Jack Dorsey created a new social media app, know the specialty

Different social media networks will be able to talk to each other with the help of this protocol. This protocol is used by the Bluesky app. In 2019, the BlueSky project got started.

At that time, Jack Dorsey was the CEO of Twitter. Bluesky kept getting money from Twitter for many years. Before Elon Musk bought Twitter, the project had already begun, and the two executives had talked about the idea of an open source protocol.

What kinds of features will be offered?

The screenshots show some of the things that this app can do. This means that the app will have a simple interface that will let users make posts with up to 256 characters. It can also have pictures added to it.

Where on Twitter does the message “What’s going on?” appear? What’s up? is what BlueSky is all about. You get many basic tools with this, like the ability to share, mute, or block an account.

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