‘Biden has cancer, tissue removed from chest’, big disclosure on US President’s health

The White House’s Dr. Kevin O’Connor gave an update on President Biden’s health. He said that Biden is not in danger right now, but that his health will still be watched.

It has been found out that US Vice President Joe Biden has cancer. The White House has told everyone about this. Last month, Joe Biden had a regular health checkup, the White House said. During this, tissue from a cancerous spot on his chest was taken out. The doctor said that President Biden is no longer in danger and doesn’t need any more treatment. But Biden’s health will continue to be watched. The age of Joe Biden is 80.

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Dr. Kevin O’Connor of the White House sent a note to the media on February 16 saying that cancerous “basal cells” were found in President Biden’s wound on February 16 at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside of Washington, DC. A biopsy showed that the small spot was a type of cancer called basal cell carcinoma. Kevin O’Connor said that all of the cancer cells had been taken out.

'Biden has cancer, tissue removed from chest', big disclosure on US President's health
‘Biden has cancer, tissue removed from chest’, big disclosure on US President’s health

Basal cell carcinoma was the type of cancer that was found.

The note says that the type of cancer found was basal cell carcinoma, which does not usually spread or metastasize. The two most common types of skin cancer in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The Skin Cancer Foundation says that it is the most common type of cancer. It’s getting bigger slowly. Doctors say it can be cured, and if it is treated early, it won’t do much damage.

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The Biden family has a history of cancer

Even before he was President, Biden had surgery to get rid of a type of skin cancer that was not melanoma. In January, Jill Biden, who is married to Biden and is the First Lady, also had three wounds taken care of. Since a long time ago, the Biden family has been a strong supporter of fighting and curing cancer. In 2015, their grown son Beau died of brain cancer.

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