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Complete information about the best WordPress managed hosting

Best WordPress managed hosting The choice of WordPress Hosting will always be there whenever you want to purchase hosting from a hosting provider. best WordPress managed hosting After witnessing WordPress Hosting, the majority of newcomers become perplexed, and a variety of questions, such as What is WordPress Hosting, start to pop up in their heads.

What are the advantages and downsides of utilizing WordPress hosting, how does it operate, and where can you purchase WordPress hosting?

information about the best WordPress managed hosting

Like other hosting, WordPress hosting functions similarly. best WordPress managed hosting In this scenario, the user types in a web address or URL on the browser, and the server accepts the request and shows the user the website’s content on the browser.

What is the process for WordPress Hosting?

Any Linux hosting server that supports PHP/MySQL and WordPress can run the program. best WordPress managed hosting WordPress hosting is only intended for the comfort of users who lack the technical know-how to manage a WordPress website.

best wordpress managed hosting

In contrast to conventional shared and VPS hosting, WordPress hosting offers the user a few more capabilities to help the WordPress website function effectively.


All websites hosted by FastComet will run considerably more quickly than other websites utilizing traditional storage because they are one of the few managed WordPress hosts that only provides SSD storage.

FastComet’s attributes are:

Some of the features offered by FastComet website hosting are listed below.

an environment that is quick and unhackable
Daily and Weekly Backup 24/7 lightning-fast customer support Fixed-value SSD storage only in Canada Multiple Server Locations and more

best wordpress managed hosting

Exceptional and prompt client service

Can you believe that FastComet has one of the fastest customer care response times in the business, with a 10-minute response minimum for all ticket inquiries?

Free CDN, storage that exclusively uses SSDs, and more

99% of security threats are blocked by a web application firewall, and all hosting plans from FastComet include free access to Cloudflare CDN. best WordPress managed hosting It also offers SSD-only storage, which results in faster website loading times and better performance.

Pricing for Managed WordPress Hosting with FastComet:

Below is a list of its three pricing options.

FastCloud: This is FastComet’s entry-level plan, which costs $2.95 per month and allows you to install 1 WordPress site with 15GB of SSD space.

With the $4.45/month FastCloud Plus package, you can deploy numerous WordPress sites on 25GB of SSD storage.

FastCloud Extra: This is their advanced plan, which costs $5.95 a month and includes 35GB of SSD space and the ability to install an infinite number of WordPress blogs.


You can get everything from automated updates to caching to security and much more with Kinsta, one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies, which is powered by Google Cloud and LXD Orchestrated Linux containers.

Aspects of Kinsta

best wordpress managed hosting

The features that come with Kinsta web hosting are listed below.

daily backup staging environment free ssl access, hardware firewall, uptime monitoring, and SSL support, as well as 24/7 chat support for data centers
more services, including free website relocation

built to move quickly

All of the websites hosted in Kinsta’s hosting environment receive excellent speed as its primary goal. Each of your sites can use a different regional data center from the 15 available on the Google Cloud Platform. Best WordPress managed hosting Their hosting platform is built on Google Cloud Platform using Nginx, LXD containers, PHP 7, and MariaDB for super-fast performance.

offers a distinctive dashboard

Kinsta provides a special dashboard called MyKinsta, which is one of its best features in our opinion. Best WordPress managed hosting This is the administrative hub for all of your websites, where you can manage anything from bandwidth monitoring to visitor tracking to SSL certificate creation and more.

Price of Kinsta:

Kinsta has slightly different pricing and provides 4 pricing plans, two of which have various pricing tiers.

a beginner’s supporter company

Starter: This is Kinsta’s entry-level plan, which costs $35 per month and entitles you to the installation of one WordPress site capable of handling 25,000 monthly visitors as well as 10GB of SSD storage.

Pro: This plan costs $70 a month and includes 20GB of SSD storage. You can put 2 WordPress blogs on it, each of which can handle 50,000 monthly visitors. WPEEngine

best wordpress managed hosting

Business 1 Business: There are 4 price points for this plan, and they are as follows: Business 1: This plan costs $115 per month and includes 30GB of SSD storage as well as the ability to install 5 WordPress sites that can accommodate 100,000 monthly

visitors. Business 2: It costs $225 per month and includes 40GB of SSD storage. You can install 10 WordPress sites, each of which can handle 250,000 monthly

visitors. Business 3:This plan costs $340 a month and includes 50GB of SSD storage in addition to the ability to install 20 WordPress sites that can accommodate 400,000 monthly visitors. Business 4: This plan costs $450 a month and includes 60GB of SSD storage in addition to 40 WordPress blogs that can handle 600,000 monthly visitors.

Enterprise: This option also has 4 pricing tiers. Best WordPress managed hosting The most expensive option, Enterprise 1, costs $675 a month and includes 100GB of SSD storage in addition to 60 WordPress sites that can accommodate 1,000,000 monthly

visitors. Enterprise 2: This plan costs $1000 per month and includes 150GB of SSD storage in addition to 80 WordPress sites that can handle 1,500,000 monthly visitors.

Enterprise 3: This package costs $1350 a month and includes 200GB of SSD storage in addition to 120 WordPress sites that can handle 2,000,000 monthly

visitors. Enterprise 4: This package costs $1650 a month and includes 250GB of SSD storage in addition to 150 WordPress sites that can handle 2,500,000 monthly visitors.

best wordpress managed hosting

hosting in motion

InMotion, which was founded in 2001, is run by a group of web hosting professionals and offers top-notch features through its tailored WordPress web hosting services. Best WordPress managed hosting To help you round-the-clock, InMotion provides free automated backups and 24/7 US-based internal assistance.

What characteristics does InMotion Hosting offer?

The incredible features that come with InMotion hosting are listed below.

gives you a free domain with a 90-day money-back guarantee.
Drag & Drop Website Builder backup staging area schedule
Advanced Server Caching, malware prevention, and more

automated revisions

A distinctive WordPress backup plugin is available through the InMotion managed WordPress hosting environment. Best WordPress managed hosting With it, you can schedule backups to happen before each update and automate plugin and theme changes.

As a result, you won’t need to worry about your WordPress themes, plugins, or automatic updates because the WordPress hosting will take care of everything.

absolute safety

Your website is secured against any security risks, and all of your websites are protected by DDoS mitigation, cutting-edge firewall solutions like ModSecurity, our personal firewall, and free daily automated backups.

best wordpress managed hosting

price calculation

The following table lists the 4 pricing choices available with InMotion WordPress hosting.

WP Core: This plan, which costs $3.99 a month and allows you to install two WordPress blogs, is ideal for beginners. It offers 10x WP performance and 100GB of SSD storage.

WP Launch: With this package, you can install an unlimited number of sites. You get 20x WP performance and limitless SSD storage for a monthly fee of $7.99.

WP Power: With this package, you can install an infinite number of sites. You get 30x WP performance and limitless SSD storage for $7.99 per month.

WP Pro: You can install an infinite number of sites with this subscription. You may get 40x WP performance and limitless SSD storage for $15.99 per month.

WPEngine was introduced in 2010 and soon rose to the top spot among managed WordPress hosts in the eyes of many users worldwide. Best WordPress managed hosting Over 30 open source technologies were used in the development of the WP Engine platform in order to offer innovation quickly to all websites hosted on that platform.

WP Engine features include:

The features that come with WP Engine are listed below.

  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%
  • Guaranteed money-back for 60 days
  • 365-day live chat and phone support
  • Free Site Migration with SSL, CDN, and other features
  • Free use of helpful tools

Let’s discuss a few of the special advantages of using WP Engine to power your WordPress websites.

24/7 live chat assistance

Only a few number of managed hosting providers offer live chat customer support that is available constantly, so you can always obtain help with your website or hosting.

All clients with Professional, Business, Premium, and Enterprise plans will have access to 24/7 phone assistance in addition to live chat support from WP Engine.

best wordpress managed hosting

webpage display

All of WP Engine’s clients have access to a special feature. This is referred to as page-level performance, and it gives you access to real-time blog diagnostics. This page-level performance gives you expert tips to improve your website’s performance and loading speed as well as diagnostics for your website.

cdn globally

It also offers a worldwide CDN to give users all over the world fast website speeds and loading times. Additionally, each account includes automatic certificate installation and renewal.

Pricing for WP Engine:

The 4 pricing tiers available from WP Engine Business WordPress Hosting are as follows:

beginning scale for professional development

Let’s get into more detail regarding these.

Startup: This is their entry-level plan, which costs $20 per month and allows you to host one WordPress site with up to 25K monthly visits, 10GB of storage, a CDN, and SSL, as well as 50GB of bandwidth. will secure the necessary infrastructure.

Pros: This is WP Engine’s most popular and highly recommended plan, which costs $39.33 per month and includes hosting for up to 75K monthly visitors, 15GB of storage, and 125GB of bandwidth. With this plan, you may install three WordPress sites. will procure the necessary equipment. include SSL and CDN.

Growth: With this plan, which costs $76.67 a month and allows you to host your site with up to 100K monthly visits, 20GB of space, 200GB of bandwidth, a CDN, and SSL, you can build 10 WordPress sites.

Scale: This is their most expensive plan, which costs $193.33 per month and allows you to install 30 WordPress sites. It also allows you to scale your site with up to 400K monthly visits, 50GB of storage, 500GB of bandwidth, a CDN, and SSL. There will be hosting space available.


One of the top managed hosting companies for WordPress, DreamHost was established in 1996. It provides a variety of hosting options, including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and hosting for WordPress.

best wordpress managed hosting

What characteristics exist?

Some of DreamHost’s greatest features are listed below.

  • Free SSL configuration
  • Offsite and daily backups
  • Elasticsearch Daily Malware Scanning and Repair Premium Themes, Video and Image CDN
  • Moving the website and more

outstanding efficiency and safety

In addition to providing a free SSL certificate with each account you buy, DreamHost also provides a free malware removal application to assist you better defend your website against all malware attacks and security concerns.

guarantees 100 percent uptime and DDoS defense

DreamHost offers a 100% uptime guarantee, so even if your website traffic suddenly increases, there won’t be any downtime concerns for your site. best WordPress managed hosting To keep your websites safe, it also provides DDoS protection.

best wordpress managed hosting

In terms of pricing, DreamHost provides 3 managed WordPress hosting plans, which are given below.

DreamPress costs $16.95 a month and is excellent for beginners. The following features are included.

30 GB of SSD storage, unlimited emails, and built for 100k monthly visits.

DreamPress Plus: This plan costs $24.95 a month and includes the features listed below.

Unlimited emails, 60 GB SSD storage, and built for 300k monthly visits

DreamPress Pro: This package costs $71.95 a month and includes the features listed below.

120 GB SSD storage built for 1 million monthly visits, limitless emails


With award-winning features like nightly backups, integrated performance, top security measures, WordPress managed hosting Pressable, one of the best managed hosting options for WordPress, was founded in 2010 and is expanding quickly in the web hosting market.

Marketers, agencies, and small businesses all around the world use it as one of the fastest and most dependable WordPress web hosting options.

best wordpress managed hosting

Here are just a few of Pressable’s incredible features.

  • automated revisions
  • built-in backup display that runs at night
  • scaling of traffic (which can easily manage 20 times as much load)
  • Malware Removal and Scanning
  • Dedicated Site Security and Caching Support for WordPress

improved security

Also Read:

All of Pressable’s users are given priority when it comes to excellent security. best WordPress managed hosting They provide free malware detection and eradication services. best WordPress managed hosting Additionally, they employ caching to assist in reducing the amount of time it takes for websites to load by detecting frequently used material and have your website ready to go as soon as a user requests it from anywhere in the globe. best WordPress managed hosting Keep.

It’s also important to note that it provides a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt to strengthen the security of your website connection.

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