Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting Those looking to break into e-commerce may find the word “web hosting” confusing and daunting. However, hosting a website in 2021 doesn’t have to be challenging.
One of your first jobs as a retailer should be selecting a hosting provider, along with selecting a platform or settling on a name for your store.

Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024
Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

If any of these concerns apply to you and you have WordPress installed. Then you might find our list of the top 10 WordPress hosting services useful.

  • What is hosting a website?
  • What advantages does web hosting offer?
  • How much does hosting a website cost?
  • What is hosting a website?

When a hosting company offers server space for your website, that is known as web hosting.

Essentially, this is where all of the files for your website are kept. The server hosting your website sends the file back to the user when they enter your domain name.

There are a ton of web host companies vying for your business to host WordPress websites. Depending on where you are in your e-commerce journey, your choice of hosting provider will vary. Pricing ranges from $1 per month to $1000 per year.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Why use WordPress.?

With its WooCommerce solution, it is the perfect entry-level option for small enterprises and offers a terrific e-commerce integration. One of the best web platforms is this one.

The Top 10 WordPress Hosting Companies

There are numerous hosting choices for WordPress, so let’s look at a ranking of the top ones.

1.Site Ground

One of the major companies in the web hosting industry is SiteGround. They have amassed more than 2 million domains since its establishment in 2004.

The cost

The basic plan from SiteGround costs $5.99 per month.

You receive free CDN, daily backups, email, SSL certification, and out-of-the-box caching. Caching essentially enhances traffic to your website and accelerates it more quickly.

The GrowBig and GoGeek packages offer quicker load speeds, possibilities to expand contributors, and more individualized customer assistance.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

A domain name can be purchased straight from SiteGround for $14.95.


SiteGround promises a 99.9% uptime for the network. If they fall short of this, they provide the following rewards:

Uptime of 99.9% to 99.00%: One-month free hosting

Every 1% that the uptime fell below 99.00% was compensated with an extra month of hosting for free.

Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024
Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Pros 👍

Free Migration – SiteGround distinguishes itself in part by offering a free WordPress migration plugin. 80 percent of reviewers gave it all 5 stars. A professional can handle this for you if you’re on the GrowBig plan or a higher level.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

SSL and CDN – We’ve already talked about SSL extensively, but a content delivery network (CDN) is another fantastic benefit for your website. As a result of SiteGround’s servers being dispersed across three continents, all of your users will be able to access your website right away.

Unlimited – You won’t pay more based on the amount of visitors to your SiteGround website.

Servers – You can decide where to put your server to ensure speedy load times.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

The opposition

Pricing: You get what you pay for, however in comparison to other providers, it is extremely expensive. A domain name is not included in this pricing, and after a year, renewal costs can typically quadruple.


In 2007, Hostinger was first introduced in a different format. They changed their branding in 2011 to what it is now. Since then, their user base has increased to over 178 million people across 29 nations.

The cost

Plans from Hostinger start at just $2.59 per month, making it an extremely cost-effective choice.

There are 12 alternatives available within the three options they have: shared web hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. You are given a 30-day money-back guarantee with each of their plans.


Hostinger makes similar 99.9% uptime assurances to SiteGround. With the exception of a small omission in September 2020, when uptime was claimed to be 97.98%, they are essentially flawless.

Pros 👍

He moves with unequaled quickness. Hostinger has 1000Mbps-capable servers spread across several continents. alleged connection speedsBest Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024
Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Support – Hostinger offers a wonderful live chat support option. Their personnel is experienced and skilled when it comes to technical issues.

Hostinger provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a variety of payment methods for your web hosting.

Interface – Hostinger is significantly better off for not using the conventional cPanel. You can control your domain and settings with ease because to its functionality and incredible cleanliness.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Price – This is the most affordable choice on the market if you’re ready to commit to 4 years of web hosting.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

The opposition

Refunds – Hostinger only offers partial refunds on its services. The domain is the largest problem. With their basic plan, Hostinger doesn’t include a free domain name, and you only have 30 days instead of 4 to request a refund.

3.Scale Hosting

Scale Hosting has a solid reputation in the hosting industry and has received a number of commendations and awards. Scala has hosted more than 700,000 websites across 120+ nations since its 2007 inception.

The cost

Scala has four different pricing tiers for WordPress users. The most affordable option is WP Mini, which has an initial price of just $2.95/month and a 57% savings. This package also offers hosting for a single site.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Additional services include unlimited email accounts, daily backups, standard security, a free SSL certificate, 10GB of fixed NVMe SSD storage, one-click WordPress installation, and more.

WP Basic, the next tier of service, costs $5.95 per month (a 33% savings). The features of WP Mini are included with this package, along with some extras like 50GB of storage and limitless websites. The more expensive WP Advanced and entry-level WP Cloud subscriptions, however, come with more sophisticated features, like real-time virus protection, a free domain for the first year, and priority skip-the-line help.


Scala promises a 99.9% uptime rate. The 2007 Scala uptime record statistics are readily available. In the event that Scala fails not uphold its assurance, refunds will be given depending on uptime percentage; The following pertains to credit:Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024
Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Pros 👍

  • The 99.9% uptime guarantee for Scala is really excellent.
  • simple one-click installation of WordPress
  • The cost of Scala is affordable.
  • Free lodging is offered
  • Every package includes a free domain name
  • With all plans, a free SSL certificate is included.
  • On all levels, unlimited email accounts are accessible.
  • You have 24/7 live chat and ticket assistance available to you.

There is no website creation software.
Despite being available round-the-clock, there is no phone assistance.


Since 2012, Cloudways has introduced more than 250,000 managed WordPress hosting plans for small businesses and consumers.

The cost

For hosting, Cloudways offers eight different price categories. There are four basic and four premium options available. Standard monthly prices range from $10 to $48. While monthly fees for premium plans range from $12 to $96.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

Additionally, a variety of data bundles with various districts and faster premium speeds are available for you to select from.

Another option provided by Cloudways is to pay for hosting on an hourly basis, with prices beginning at $0.0106 per hour.

A free trial period of three days is also available.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024


Similar to the other hosting companies on this list, Cloudways offers loading times of 400 to 600 milliseconds with a 99.99% uptime.

Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024
Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

baksh 👍

Video Value Market We offer an hourly resume that incorporates flexibility.

CDN: Data Upload via Network Access

Storage and Bandwidth: The plan with the biggest savings comes with 1TB of bandwidth and a minimum of 25GB of storage.

Support: Available round-the-clock.

not hosting email

There isn’t a Plesk or cPanel control panel.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

WP Engine, 5.

With over 150 million websites, WP Engine 1.2 is the top-ranked host in the nation.

The cost

The pricing information in their document makes it apparent that WP Engine is intended for bigger businesses like Etsy and Hello Fresh.

For WooCommerce, custom hosting, custom hosting, secure hosting, and e-commerce hosting, they provide 4 price hosting options. It contains 4 electronics locations. If half a dozen bills are sent, their most affordable plan costs $25 each month.Best Ecommerce WordPress Hosting for Users in 2024

These are the least expensive choices on this list, but they also give new users a free SIM card for three months as part of their Startup, Business, Developmental, Scam package.
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WP Engine’s uptime guarantee of 99.95% is lower than those of the other providers on this list. This equates to about 8 hours of downtime annually. You are assessed a monthly fee of 5% for every full hour of download time as a sale.

baksh 👍

Experts – WP Engine only works with affiliates, therefore they are knowledgeable. It contains fantastic add-on features including access to more than 30 premium themes only.

You are not sharing server disk space because all are managed casts.

HIGHLY TESTED – When properly managed, they deliver excellent results. Gain access to speed and security that are unmatched in the business.

Price – WP Engine is not inexpensive. Although it’s not made for startups, it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a big startup.

Plugins: If you intend to use one of the unapproved plugins on the list, make sure it is appropriate first.

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