Austin Rivers and Mo Bamba are at the center of a fight between the Magic and Timberwolves that leads to five ejections.

Austin Rivers, a guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Mo Bamba, a center for the Orlando Magic, got into a fight on Friday. Five players have been kicked off the court as a result.

At the time, the Magic were ahead 83-73 with 1:32 left in the third quarter. Rivers seemed to walk over to the Magic bench to talk to Bamba, who wasn’t in the game yet and was wearing a warm-up shirt over his uniform. The Orlando center didn’t agree. READWHEN KYRIE IRVING ASKED TO BE TRADED FROM THE BROOKLYN NETS, THERE WERE SIX POSSIBLE DESTINATIONS.

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Rivers and Bamba fought on the court after the fight on the sidelines got out of hand. Jalen Suggs, who plays for the Magic, then tackled Rivers to the floor. Rivers and Bamba kept fighting on the floor, even though staff and teammates tried to break them up.

Before the fight, Rivers missed a 3-point shot near the Magic’s bench, and it looked like words were said.

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Rivers said after the game, “I just heard one guy on their bench using foul language. He also said something the play before.” “I’m not going to really talk about what he said, and I’m not going to tell on the guy or anything. Just for no reason, I didn’t like the way he talked to me. I don’t even know that guy, and the only thing I know about him is that he plays for the Magic. READ-‘IT’S SPECIAL,’ SAID PATRICK MAHOMES AND JALEN HURTS OF SUPER BOWL 57 FOR BLACK QUARTERBACKS.

He went on to talk, so when I went down there for the next possession, I pretty much told him, “Just be nice, bro.” I’m not trying to look like a want-to-be-tough guy, and that’s not even how I act. But anyone who knows me knows that I won’t let someone treat me badly or talk nonsense.

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“I just feel bad that I was kicked out of a game. I feel like I let down my team, and two other important players on our team were also kicked out, which makes me feel even worse.

The play is being looked at because of a fight,” the referees said right away.

The Timberwolves released Rivers, Jared McDaniels, and Taurean Prince. On the Magic side, Bamba and Suggs have kicked off the court.

After Bamba was kicked out of the game, he posted a “(expletive) around, find out” meme that went viral on his Instagram Story while the game kept going without him.

The game was won by the Magic 127-120.

Rivers replied to Bamba’s Instagram Story after the game with one of his own.

Rivers said that if it hadn’t been “1 on 5”, Bamba would have been choked out and that Orlando is still “my city.”

We just recognize you from an old rap song,” Rivers continued.

This is the second NBA fight in the last two nights. On Thursday, both Donovan Mitchell of the Cavs and Dillon Brooks of the Grizzlies were thrown out of the game after a fight. For hitting Mitchell in the groin, Brooks was suspended for one game without pay, and Mitchell was fined $20,000 for making the situation worse by pushing and shoving Brooks.

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