Anti-hijab protests in Iran: A police raid on universities-schools

The repression of the police and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is happening equally fast. On Sunday police raided Tehran’s Sharif University. Hundreds of students were arrested. Minor students were also charged. Nine foreign nationals including a travel blogger from Italy have also been arrested.

Meanwhile the statement of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei surfaced for the first time amid the ongoing protests since September 16. After a parade of Revolutionary Guards he blamed the dispute on America and Israel. Ninety-six people died in the protests.

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On September 16 Mahsa Amini died while held by the Moral Police in Iran. On September 13 she was detained because she was not donning a hijab. Following this demonstrations against the Anti-hijab protests and stringent regulations began nationwide.

Why Red on Universities and Schools

On Sunday the police and IRGC raided Sharif University in Tehran’s capital. According to ‘Aljazeera’ TV channel – At the time of the raid anti-hijab demonstrations were going on in the university. Security forces say that a strategy of protest and violence is being prepared at Sharif University. Here the police raided and arrested hundreds of students. Violence broke out during this, and many students were injured.

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According to Iran’s news agency IRNA – the university was evacuated, but the students spread to the capital’s streets and continued to protest till late at night. The university has issued an order to conduct all classes online till further orders.

According to media reports, the police raided some girls’ schools in small towns and arrested even minor girls. Police said that they would release them only after the investigation.
The protests are spreading so fast that, besides Tehran the situation has worsened in the cities of Shiraz Mashhad, and Canada. The trouble with the police is that the protesters have now spread to the streets.

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Iranian citizens from other countries have announced demonstrations in 150 cities including Toronto and California. These people are also sharing posts on social media.

Khamenei said – America and Israel’s move.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke for the first time since the demonstrations began on 16 September. According to the news agency AP, 83-year-old Khamenei said these are riots, not protests. Their agents are inciting violence. Resist these criminals and thieves.

Khamenei further said – We are also saddened by the death of the young girl (Mahas Amini). But, will you commit violence without evidence and investigation? Will burn holy books. Women who wear hijabs will take off their hijabs.

Nine foreigners arrested

According to media reports, so far nine foreign nationals have been arrested since the protests started. These include citizens of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland.
Italy-based travel blogger Alicia Piperine was in Tehran. Her parents said- We spoke to the daughter on Wednesday last week. That day was Alicia’s birthday. On Sunday we got his call. He said that he is in prison in Tehran.

Media sources claim that anti-hijab demonstrations have spread to 164 cities. In 31 states their impact is being felt. Ninety-six persons have now passed away since Mahsa’s passing. The issue for the government is that the protest is spreading faster the more it is being put down.

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