American Newsreader declined to wear a hijab

New Delhi, Desk Report | The hijab controversy is getting deeper these days in Iran. In fact, the controversy over the hijab started on 16 September. A recent case of which has come to light from New York. In fact, the TV anchor in New York refused to wear the hijab. After which the matter seems to be gaining more momentum. So let’s know what the whole matter is.

 Actually, Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi was about to be interviewed with CNN news channel. For which the anchor was asked to take an interview wearing a hijab. But the anchor flatly denied this. There is no rule that they are being forced to do so, he said. Due to which the interview was forced to cancel. At the same time, the matter has become so complicated in Iran that the police force has been deployed.

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Let us tell you that the President of Iran has arrived in New York to attend the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly at this time. Where he was about to give an interview to CNN news channel. For which he placed a condition in front of the channel that the news anchor should interview him wearing a hijab, but after the anchor refused, the interview with him was canceled.

Actually, this condition was placed in front of the anchor because the anchor is Irani. Who was born in Iran. At the same time, in this case, the anchor said, “When I used to report in Iran, I used to wear hijab to follow the law and customs there. I currently reside in a nation where it is not required to wear a hijab during interviews. After 1995, I have interviewed many people but no one asked me to wear hijab.

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After which the issue of hijab has increased. In fact, on September 13, the Iranian police arrested a young woman for not wearing a hijab and died three days later, that is, on September 16. After which women started demonstrating all over the country. They demand that the hijab should not be made compulsory but optional in Iran. Due to which he also clashed with the police administration. Due to which the police also fired bullets including lathi charge and in 6 days the death toll has crossed 30.


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